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Published On: Fri, Aug 31st, 2012

Apple MacBook Pro – Awesome Retina display

Apple is back with the new MacBook and this one features great looking Retina display. This laptop has also borrowed some design aspects from Apple MacBook Air. It is rare to see a new design from Apple for their MacBooks but whenever there is a new design coming out, you will see a lot of hype regarding it. Same holds true with new MacBook Pro having Retina display. It brings new display technology to the laptops and also borrows some design features from 3rd generation Apple iPad, MacBook Air, and the Pro. Read Apple MacBook Pro review to know more about its price, specs and other features.

What’s New?

Starting price of this laptop is $2,199 and this one is much different as compared to the other Pros and Airs which just get bump for specs. There is a new mix of features and design that isn’t found on other Macs. This one has quad core chip inside in a svelte body, discrete graphics card, HDMI (which is new to Macs) and high resolution screen.

Also, the new Pro and Air for 2012 now come with Intel’s 3rd generation Core i-series chips which is also known as Ivy Bridge. Apple has been running with older processors for a long time and hence I was glad to see the newer Ivy Bridge chips put in here.

Apple MacBook Pro

Display :

This is the coolest thing about the new Apple MacBook Pro. It comes with a resolution of 2,880×1,800 pixels and the detail level seen here is unheard of on any other laptop. Before this, the highest resolution available was 1,920×1,080 pixels seen which was also seen on HDTVs. The bigger resolution often makes images and text look small on a 15 inches screen but the Apple has solved this problem by putting in different dot pitch on this screen just like they did it on the iPad.

Retina display looks awesome and you will notice the difference easily when you compare it with a non Retina screen. Professionals who use Photoshop or alike stand to benefit the most from this display but we will have to wait and see how the other programs update themselves to this higher resolution screen. Apple has already adjusted some of their own apps to this higher resolution and hence the images and text don’t look too small.

While testing, I thought that the screen was really amazing. Images and colours have a lot of pop to them and text too looks different. You can compare the text of this laptop side-by-side with a non-Retina screen and you will see the difference.

One disappointing thing about this screen is that the aspect ratio is 16:10 instead of the more popular 16:9. However, you won’t see a lot of difference unless you are watching HD content on the screen. But movie bluffs will certainly get turned off.

Apple MacBook Pro Price

Apple MacBook Pro Design :

Apple MacBook Pro looks familiar yet different from the ones that we have seen before. This isn’t Ultrabook or ultra thin laptop or full mid size laptop. Instead, it has borrowed features from different size designs.

I took this in my hand and realized that at 18mm thickness, this was as thin as Apple MacBook Air. However, it is much heavier than what it looks at 2.02 kilograms. It isn’t recommended for people who like to travel a lot.

That said, this Apple MacBook Pro still feels good shift from older Pro which isn’t too travel friendly either. From a distance, some might confuse it for Air but a closer look will tell you a different story. Speakers are located on either side of keyboard just like the predecessor.

MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad :

Both of them are the same as that of the older generations of MacBook  but it is a good thing. There are other laptops which have been trying to match Apple’s backlighting keyboard. Trackpad still is the best in the competition owing to the multifinger gesture support. Other players have tried to imitate this technology but none of them have come close to the quality that Apple has managed to deliver here.

Apple MacBook Pro HDMI

MacBook Pro Ports and connections :

There are both give and take away in this category. For instance, the FireWire, optical drive, and Ethernet are taken away and on the other side, you get HDMI port. There are two thunderbolt ports and the two USB 2.0 ports have now been converted in to USB 3.0. These ports are good if you are going to do a lot of external storage, the high speeds will be helpful.

Apple MacBook Pro Storage :

By default, the Apple MacBook Pro come with 256 GB SSD and that is enough for most of us. For people who want more memory, there is an option for 512GB SSD but that will take the base price up to $2,799. If you want 500GB SSD then you will need to shell out $500 more.

Apple MacBook Pro Review

Apple MacBook Pro HDMI :

Movie bluffs will be happy to see HDMI port. We have been asking for it for a long time and the manufacturer has finally given it to us. HDMI lets you connect external monitors, large HDTVs, and projectors to the laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro Performance :

This laptop now comes with Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors and new GPUs of Nvidia. In my tests, this laptop was really fast and I didn’t have anything to complain about. MacBooks haven’t been used as gaming machine but there are games coming out now. The games too will get update for the higher resolution but till then you will get to use the max resolution that the game has to offer. I played Diablo III and got 23 fps at full resolution. Going down at 1,440×900 pixels gave me 65 fps.

Apple MacBook Pro Battery  Apple MacBook Pro Features

MacBook Pro Battery life :

Battery life has always been one of the strongest points of Apple. This laptop comes with discrete graphics card but you can switch it off when not needed and it won’t drain your battery life. In my tests, this laptop stayed alive for almost seven hours which is awesome. Also, you need to know that these laptops come with sealed battery and they aren’t user replaceable.

Apple MacBook Pro Price :

Apple MacBook Pro starts at $2,199.

Conclusion :

Apple MacBook Pro has always been a laptop that everyone wants. This mode is now faster with HDMI port. On the other hand, the Ethernet port and optical drive are taken away and the starting price too is very high. Retina Pro and standard Pro are 2 different laptops made for 2 different users and you should get the Retina model only if you need the higher resolution.

Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard

Post Sales Support :

Apple MacBook Pro comes with one year warranty for parts and labor and there is just ninety days support over the phone. You can upgrade to three years plan for AppleCare which will cost you $349 more and I would heavily recommend you to   get it especially with the sealed bodies and propriety nature of products of this company. You can also take a look at the Website for online knowledge base, customer service ce e-mail, video tutorials, etc.

My Test Rig :

  • 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM processor
  • 8GB – 1,600MHz DDR3 RAM
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • Intel HM77 chipset
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 650M / Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU
  • 15.4 inches diagonal screen size
  • OS X Lion 10.7.4 OS
  • 2.02 kg machine weight
  • 359 x 247×18 WxDxH

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