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Published On: Fri, Jul 20th, 2012
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Acer Travelmate TM P243 Notebook Review: Eco-Friendly Device For Rs. 36,000

Acer has recently announced its all new notebook range from TravelMate series. The laptop is named as Acer TravelMate TM P243 and gives amazing user experience by offering a 25,000 cycle recharge. The device is priced less than Rs. 36,000. So, let us explore what this device has for the users. Read Acer TraveMate TM P243 notebook review to know more.

Acer Travelmate TM P243 Hardware :

Acer TravelMate TM P243 notebook is targeted at the SMB and SOHO segment and comes with improved multitasking capabilities that users demand to pass their quality time. Apart from just work, there are many users who wish to have a powerful device to fulfill their multimedia interests. Look-wise the device gets simple design and there is nothing exciting about it. May be Acer thought to make the design beautiful from inside rather than decorating it from outside. The notebook sports a 1-inch HD LED backlit display along with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which indicates less energy consumption. So, having this laptop would be a good decision for you if you are willing to save your bill. The laptop saves more than 30 percent of power as compared to the other traditional displays.

The laptop comes in black color and boasts a camera at the top of its display. At both the sides, placed different ports to enjoy more access in different ways. The keyboard is normal like the other laptops and houses a touchpad that comes with two physical buttons for left and right mouse keys.

Acer Travelmate TM P243 Review

Acer Travelmate TM P243 Connectivity :

For connectivity, Acer has integrated USB 3.0 with power off charging, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, and SignalUp wireless technology from Acer. Other than this, there are 3.5 mm headset jack and power input as well. The SignalUp wireless technology delivers strong wireless pickup as guarantees by Acer and even promises to give pickup at outer limits of the available access points. Multi-fold faster performance is expected from the extraordinary antennae design. The device also gets HDMI port that lets you connect it to a HDTV with the help of a HDTV cable.

Travelmate TM P243 Performance :

This device boasts a dual antenna design that provides multi-fold faster performance if compared with the traditional uni-polar antennae. So, the experience will be something exhilarating. This antenna design ensures that the performance of wireless connection will be stronger even if the access point range is at the farthest. TravelMate TM P243 notebook gets NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics card and USB 3.0 through which you can quickly charge a mobile device through this laptop. The charging still remains faster when the laptop is power off. This notebook is set with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED connection as well as Gigabit Ethernet that is useful for wireless connectivity. Other than this, the laptop also comes with features like Bluetooth 4.0+HS that let you enjoy fast internet connectivity.

Acer Travelmate TM P243 Features

Travelmate TM P243 Battery and Guideline :

Acer TraveMate TM P243 notebook is EPEAT Gold compliant that signifies that this device maintains the most stringent energy standard and saves plenty of energy while giving long battery life. The laptop also obeys the rules of RoHS Europe that has set the guidelines. The laptop also contributes to improve the quality of environment globally.

Acer Travelmate TM P243 Notebook Software :

Acer TravelMate TM P243 notebook features a unique suite of security as well as manageability solutions of Acer. This laptop makes sure that the data is well protected with the help of Acer ProShield Security and eRecovery Manager. The laptop also includes an extraordinary option provided by the manufacturer as Acer Office Manager (AOM). It is a manageability solution that enables the SMB to use security policies, schedule maintenance tasks and monitor IT assets in just one simple manageability package.

Acer Travelmate TM P243 Price

Travelmate TM P243 Notebook Features :

Acer has incorporated FineTouch keyboard that is useful for comfortable and precise typing without any errors. This way, users also get a good opportunity to boost productivity and enjoy better typing experience. One good thing about this keyboard is that it comes equipped with spill-resistant that prevents water to get into the system and damage any internal components. So, even if you accidentally spill water over your keyboard, it won’t cause any damage. This water drainage design does not come in all the devices and that is may be adding some extra money of the device. There is a multi-gesture touchpad that lets you browse the internet quickly and also lets you enjoy superior control.

Acer Travelmate TM P243

Conclusion :

The laptop has all those standard features that a mid-range device holds. In fact, there are some good features which are not commonly found on all the devices. Users who seek for performance based laptop to run heavy work cannot rely on this device. To improve the quality of performance, Acer has incorporated some good features along with better graphic card. So, accordingly the price is reasonable.

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