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Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2012

Tablet Comparison: Aakash 2 and Micromax Funbook

Well, well, you must be worried as to which tablet to buy – Aakash 2 or Micromax Funbook. So, we have brought good comparison of both these tablets that would not only give you relief from this, but will also give you close understanding about whether or not you should buy any gadget out of these two or should skip both of them.

Targeted Audience :

Aakash 2 is the predecessor of Aakash tablet, the first device created by Datawind. It was only created to be delivered to the students in India who do not get access to the expensive gadgets. By distributing this tablet, government wants students to learn and easily complete their projects and other required stuffs that become barriers in their education. Aakash does not have any high-end features other than Android and several other good features.

On the other hand, Micromax Funbook tablet offers a range of good features as well as apps that make it stand in the top notch segment. The device is not meant to serve the students, but to the general consumers. However, not the businessmen can use this device. It is a mid-range gadget that can only be used on daily basis by common consumers. However, not only the general users, the company have also provided content for students who can access this device confidently and easily.

Micromax Funbook Vs Aakash 2

Design :

Aakash 2 and Micromax Funbook are somewhat similar if we consider the design part. However, the Aakash 2 looks more attractive than the simple Funbook. Aakash 2 measures 190.5 mm long, 118.5 mm wide and around 15.7 mm thick.

The Micromax Funbook on the other hand measures 192 mm height, 122 mm wide and around 10 mm thick. The Aakash 2 might be smaller as compared to the Funbook, but the major difference is the thickness of both the devices. The Funbook is a bit slimmer device with only 10mm thick and 350 grams weight.

Besides these, the Funbook also includes physical buttons at the front which are used for Back Menu and Home function. The device comes in two different colors – Midnight Black and Slate Grey. The Aakash 2 has retained boxy design and comes in only Black color. So, the winner in terms of design is the Micromax Funbook which is light in weight and less in thickness. Also, it has color choices whereas; Aakash 2 does not provide any color.

Processor :

Aakash 2 is equipped with 700 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor which has been increased to double than its predecessor. The device gets 256 Mb RAM due to which it can easily and smoothly execute most of the apps that you run. On the other hand, its competitor Funbook includes a 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 process and comes loaded with Dual Mali 400 2D/3D GPU for exceptional gaming. It is installed with 512 Mb RAM and is far better than the Aakash 2.

So, again the Micromax Funbook becomes the winner as it has around 60 percent faster chipset than Aakash 2 and gets twice the installed RAM.

Aakash 2

Display :

Both the devices have received 7 inches of display. The Aakash 2 sports 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 600 pixels resolution. Micromax Funbook gets a 7 inch capacitve touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels of resolution, which is slightly less in terms of quality than Aakash 2. The Funbook has been tweaked with multi-touch input technology which is missing in its competitors. 16:9 is the aspect ratio given by Funbook. So, again Micromax Funbook wins the game as it gets a multi-touch input support to its touch sensitive screen.

Camera :

Aakash 2 is a device made for student and lacks the rear and front camera which seems of no use for the students. It still has a front VGA camera which is only provided on the commercial version of Aakash 2 tablet. That commercial version has been named as UbiSlate 7+. Not only the camera, but several other features have also been slashed out from the commercial version like the phone capabilities of the device. The VGA camera is useful for video calling and conference. It still can take pictures and video, but users might don’t like due to the low quality resolution without flash.

Micromax Funbook

On the other hand, the Funbook gets a 0.3 megapixel VGA camera which his placed right at the top of the screen. It gives you an opportunity to make video calls and conference and is convenient to use than Aakash 2’s VGA camera due to its proper placement. Funbook again wins the game as the camera supports video chatting and can be merged with Skype App for Android. This feature enables the users to make calls and video chatting easily. Here, Aakash 2 does not have any installed camera.

Software :

Aakash 2 was released with a relatively old Android 2.3 Gingerbread version and its Over-the-Air updates to the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich are not yet finalized for this device. In fact, there is no announcement made by the company for the update of latest version. Also, the performance of this device could bring hurdles even if the update comes in the market. The device supports many different file types such as PPTX, PPT, DOCX, DOD, XLSX, ODP, ODT, and PDF. It also supports GIF, BMP, JPG, and PNG. Audio files that this device supports are AAC, mp3, AC3, WAV, and WMA. As far as video files are concerned, Aakash 2 features MPEG4, MPEG2, AVI, and FLV files. You can even play YouTube videos which run smoothly and comes with pre-installed Android app.

Datawind has also provided special web browser for Aakash 2 that includes advanced data compression technology developed by the company. The company claims that with the integration of this technology, the browsing speed becomes six times faster than the other browsers at normal data. And if the data is combined with the server side compression, the browser speed increases by 30 times faster as compared to other installed web browsers. The UbiSlate 7+ can easily download apps from Google Android market, but it is not clear about Aakash 2 whether or not it will get permission to access the same app market. However, the Aakash 2 connects to a specially designed Indian Government apps portal, enabling users to download apps as well as content designed for this gadget.

Micromax Funbook has already received the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which attracts most of the attention of consumers who demand the latest version rather than using the older one. In fact, this latest feature is available at very reasonable price that increase the curiosity of people. So, the tablet will run smoothly and perform very faster and will open pages quickly. You will find less bug and issues to this device and it is also capable of supporting all types of files due to the latest Android version. Pre-loaded picture browser and web browser are available along with the installing option of other browsers for Android including Opera. The device gives opportunities to download other apps and does not fall short even after pre-installed apps such as Adobe PDF, ZIP archives, Office, Flash, and Youtube app.

Funbook also comes loaded with freebies such as Tata Photon+ 3G dongle. Users also get one month’s free subscription on Bigflix which is a website enabling HD video streaming. The tablet offers 1080p HD video quality that will make your video viewing more fun. The greatest draw about this feature is its high speed connections in other country. So, a month’s free subscription to Bigflix will benefit you Rs. 249. Funbook gives opportunists to users to use a high speed Wi-Fi and the pre-installed Zenga TV Apps for watching live TV at a time.

Funbook also comes with several edutainment apps, a mix of education and entertainment that will keep students happy active. For this, Micromax partnered with Pearson, Vriti, Everonn, and other educational content publishers to offer HD lectures and presentations to the students. Entertainment section has been filled with Bigflix, Zynga and indiagames where necessary apps are provided. However, these features do not come for free. The Partner companies will charge you Rs. 700 if you wish to get the full access on any of the student materials.

A dedicated app portal has been offered with Aakash 2 that also includes pre-installed apps, but Funbook still includes some major advantages that do not exist in Aakash 2 due to the leading 4.0 ICS OS. At last, this software round goes to Funbook.

Aakash II

Memory :

Aakash 2 has been integrated with 2 GB internal memory storage and 256 MB Ram whereas; Micromax Funbook includes 4 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM. Both the devices provide expandable memory storage of up to 32 GB which can be accessed through an SD card slot. Though internal memory does not bring strong issue, but the RAM difference could make the device inferior which can be found in the performance of the device while apps and videos are run. So considering this, Micromax Funbook becomes the winner again as its RAM is more than what Aakash 2 provides.

Connectivity :

Both the devices support Wi-Fi and both do not possess phone capabilities. Therefore, they require a 3G stick or modem so that users can connect to data networks all over India. The Funbook is also equipped with Tata Photon+ 3G dongle, but there is a price difference that does not make it a direct advantage. So, good savings can be made with Aakash 2 where all you need to do is to buy a 3G stick or modem. Well, here no one wins the race and we make it a tie.

Battery :

Aakash 2 gives a battery backup of up to 3 to 4 hours on full usage which is a great update as compared to its predecessor. The device sits under its hood a 3200 mAh battery that lasts longer. Micromax Funbook sits a 2800 mAh battery that provides 2 hour battery backup which is inferior as compared to the Aakash 2’s battery. Here you can make out that Aakash 2 is the winner.

Micromax Funbook Tablet

Price :

Aakash 2 is one of the cheapest devices in the market and is sold between the price tags of Rs. 2000 and Rs, 2500. The price is less to cater the demands of the students. The commercial version of the device is sold for Rs. 2,999 and features several improved features such as access to Google Android Market and also includes SIM integration and data network connectivity.

Micromax Fubook is sold for double the price of Aakash 2 and comes for Rs. 6,500. Also, this device comes with freebies worth Rs. 249 for Bigflix which will be available for 1 month as a free subscription. Also offered is the Tata Photon+ 3G dongle.

Verdict :

There is a big difference in the price range of both the tablets. However, both the devices are entry-level devices and come in entry level category that suits the general consumers. The prices are set as per the features and specs integrated in each tablet. So, overall, we will say that the crown goes to Aakash 2 because as per the price the device includes all reasonably good features, whereas; the Micromax Funbook holds all better features than the Aakash 2 as so the cost is more in comparison. Still, in Rs. 6,500 we can expect much better features than what Micromax has provided.

Well, the market of entry level devices with affordable prices is growing at rapid pace in India where you will get a number of devices with great competition. In fact, you will even get a series of features and apps that represent the top-end utilities and content useful for students. We hope that this comparison becomes very useful to you help you in deciding which device to buy. Besides, we would suggest you to wait for sometime as more devices are to enter in the market at affordable prices for consumers. So, you get good choices to decide which one suits your requirements perfectly.

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