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Published On: Sun, May 27th, 2012

Dell XPS 17 vs Dell Studio 17 Laptop Comparison

Comparing both the laptops was fun for us as both include significant features that make them stand in a strong segment. The laptops we have compared are Dell XPS 17 and Dell Studio 17 notebooks. Both the laptops sport 17 inches of display and offer good quality picture. There is one thing that we have found similar in both the laptops is the ability to run powerful games. Both the laptops are loaded with 3D viewing options where users can play 3D games enthusiastically. However, several things make each notebook stronger than the other. Let us find which device is superior to the other. Read full comparison to know more.

Design :

Both the notebooks come loaded with a host of connectivity which can be found on sides and even back of the device, making them thicker in size. Still, Dell Studio 17 is slightly thinner in size as compared to Dell XPS 17 notebook overall. However, the Studio 17 notebook comes with good, curvy design where the base is quite thick, but the screen is very thin like ultra-portable laptops. Users get good experience in this big screen device, but some might find the device very heavy and uncomfortable to carry in long journey. The screen quality of Dell Studio 17 is very fine, crystal clear and provides good saturation of colors, and plenty of brightness. On the other hand, the Dell XPS 17 notebook features almost same specs, but a little more improved due to which the price has been increases double.

Dell XPS 17 vs Dell Studio 17

The Dell XPS 17 notebook is a perfect desktop replacement device that comes loaded with more connectivity options at its sides and rear than Dell Studio 17. The multimedia mousepad is very large that gives good amount of space to the user to rest their palm. The keyboard is also large and comes packed with backlit option. The plenty of space kept between two keys could become a trouble for many as typing would be full of errors. The Dell XPS 17 comes with JBL sound and subwoofer that improves the quality of the sound far better than the Dell Studio 17.

XPS 17 also comes loaded with Nvidia’s 3DVision transceiver dedicated for its gaming enthusiasts. On the other hand, if we consider Studio 17, the device not only holds JBL, but merges JBL with SRS Premium Sound™ audio with subwoofer. The best attention is given by Dell at its screen quality and sound so that users get home theatre like experience.

Studio 17 wins the race in terms of design part as Dell offers personalization option to the owners who can design laptops on their own. Dell offers over 200 design options which you can choose and apply on your own design. Apart from standard six color choices which are awe-inspiring, the designs are the other part that will tempt you to buy this device that is dedicated for those who work or play a lot.

Dell XPS 17 Review

Camera :

What is more interesting is the 2 MP HD webcam installed in Dell Studio 17 for video conferencing. However, the XPS also has a webcam for video calling but is not impressive than the Studio 17.

Display :

Considering the design part, Dell Studio 17 gets more ratings than Dell XPS 17 as it not only gets little bit curvy and sleek design, but also attractive due to plenty of design options over the lid. Dell XPS 17 laptop gets matte finish over the lid which is very smooth and does not attract fingerprints. Dell Studio 17 offers great picture/video quality due to its amazing screen that gets boost from powerful ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4650 graphics card. 1 GB graphic card is added to enhance the experience of improved graphics and system performance. 17.3 inches of 16:9 HD+ screen (1600×900 pixels) of Dell Studio 17 is very impressive. Also provided is the optional Full HD B+GR LED display which overall makes the Studio 17 more superior than the Dell XPS 17. An option Blu-ray Disc ™ drive is also offered for high definition picture quality.

Considering the display of XPS 17, it sports a same 17 inch screen with Full HD quality. Real colors with sharp picture quality are visible. XPS 17 is a device for those users who want a notebook for best gaming experience and 3DVision. The graphic card added to this device gives access to fabulous clarity, brightness and color saturation even when you play heavy game. So, both the devices are packed with amazing screen quality, but we found that Studio 17 comes with more features than what XPS 17 offers in screen part.

Dell Studio 17 Review

Performance :

The design has already won by Dell Studio 17, but its performance is something that you cannot overlook. Dell has loaded this laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 dual-core processor that gives quick access to apps and booting. Additional speed can be increased with the help of several features including smart multitasking with Intel® Hyperthreading Technology. This enables the users to use two apps or work on two things at once. Also offered is a new generation Intel® Turbo Boost Technology that increases the processor speed automatically whenever it identifies that the speed is required.

The XPS 17 also gets some good technology that ensures greater performance. The screen resolution is brilliant, but you had to compromise by putting the 1920×1080 pixels resolution a bit low while playing games so as to let the device run smoothly in 3D mode. Still, it is just a phase which can be adjusted.

Dell XPS 17 Price Dell Studio 17 Price

The screen quality is excellent where users will enjoy videos especially because of the JBL sound that offers rich quality of audio and dispersion. The XPS 17 comes packed with Intel i7-2670QM quad-core processor (2.2 GHz with turbo speed 3.1 GHz) which is powerful than i-5 dual-core processor in Studio 17. So, here is the verdict that the speed of XPS 17 is far swifter than the Studio 17. So, if you want powerful or quick processing laptop then the only option is you already know.

Memory :

Dell XPS 17 also gets good amount of memory with 4 GB RAM (1333 MHz). 500 GB hard drive and 3 GB Nvidia GT 555M card are the other additions to the Dell XPS 17 notebook that altogether increases the superiority of this device. This highly technological mainstream card enables the users to play heavy games in 3D. The best part is that users can add 1 TB storage in this device via dual hard drives.

Dell Studio 17 Keyboard  Dell XPS 17 Keyboard

Despite this, the Dell Studio 17 notebook comes with 8 GB memory space with 2 memory card slots ports. Each memory card slot has capacity to hold DDR3 PC3-10600 and DDR3 PC3-8500 with a max 4 GB capacity in each slot. So, now we keep the decision on your hand. Decide which one is better. Though if you ask us, don’t anywhere else and go for XPS 17 which offers great storage options.

Connectivity :

Dell Studio 17 comes with HDMI port, PowerShare for charging phones, USB 2.0/eSARA combo port, Wi-Fi, Wireless 365 Bluetooth internal mini-card and 3.5 mm headset jack. On the other hand, Dell XPS 17 notebook comes with a lot of ports that you can find even at the back of the device. At least it’s better that few of the ports are hidden at the back even though you find it inconvenient to access quickly. Both the sides of the device is packed with ports including dual headphone jacks, USB 2.0, eSATA/USB 2.0 combo, Blu-ray combo drive, multi-card reader, and microphone jack. The rest of the connectors such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 ports, Wi-Fi, and Gigabit Ethernet jack are also offered by Dell. So, you get more connectivity options in XPS 17 than what Studio 17 provides.

Dell Studio 17 Features

Battery :

Dell Studio 17 notebook houses under its hood 9-cell li-ion battery that gives battery backup of just 5 hours whereas; the Dell XPS 17 notebook is powered by 9-cell battery (93Wh) which still gives average backup which is not sufficient for users who want this laptop to play heavy 3D games.  Standard XPS 17 comes with 6-cell battery (2.6Ah-56WHr Li-ion) and the higher version comes with 9-cell (2.8Ah 90WHr) battery that gives a backup of 5 hours and 22 minutes. So, we can say both the devices provide similar battery backup, which are not satisfied for the desktop replacement device for working and 3D gaming.

Price :

Dell Studio 17 comes for a price tag of INR 40,900, but the Dell XPS 17 notebook comes for double price which is INR 85,800.

Dell XPS 17 Features

Verdict :

Both the devices have flaws, but the best parts are the display, strong built and performance. Both the notebooks come loaded with powerful graphic cards that enable the users to play heavy 3D games easily, watch high-rez movies and stay active on various apps and others. Studio 17 comes with i5 and i3 processors, but the XPS 17 comes with i7 processor that makes it superior than Studio 17. However, both are heavy in weight and represent themselves as desktop replacement devices. JBL sound and best quality screen give home theatre like feel to both the devices. Despite all these, if you want much powerful processor, more options and more excitement then Dell XPS 17 should be your choice. Still, the price makes a huge difference.

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