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Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Two high-end smartphones

I have tested a lot of Android phones to date and Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been one of my favorites mainly because it started the Ice Cream Sandwich era. Now, all Android phones come with the newer version of the Android OS and SGSIII is another example of it.

Samsung Galaxy S III is the successor to the SGS II and in this article, I will compare it with Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Design :

In terms of shape, the two phones are quite similar to each other. The size is the same and both handsets come with rounded corners. However, the SIII looks more similar to the Nexus than SII with regards to physical appearance. I liked the cleaner looks of Nexus here but others might disagree with me. One thing that I wish to highlight here is that SGS III has capacitive buttons below the screen and you will press it accidentally a lot of times. This problem doesn’t exist on the Nexus which has onscreen buttons.

Apart from that, both the phones are bulky and both are made of plastic. SGS III has glossy finish whereas the Nexus has a matte finish. The winner here is Samsung Nexus because it is prettier.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus Display

Display :

Both the phones have same size but SGSIII come with a bigger screen at 4.8 inches. Nexus has a 4.65 inches screen which isn’t too small either. Both have HD Super AMOLED technology and the resolution is 720×1,280 pixels. The pixel density is better on Nexus but this difference is negligible as the difference in screen size isn’t really big.

Both the screens have saturated colors and this is typical on the AMOLED screens. But there are some differences on image quality of Galaxy Nexus and SGS III. The latter has a brighter screen but Nexus colors look more real. There are some screen modes inside and you can change things according to your tastes. The winner here is Samsung Galaxy S III due to bigger screens.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Interface :

Both these phones come with Ice Cream Sandwich OS onboard. However, there is a difference. Nexus is a Google phone and the OS inside it is an unaltered one. On the other side, the OS on SGS III is customized along with TouchWiz Nature UX UI. I am not a big fan on TouchWiz but I was still impressed with the version that is there on SIII. It is better than the older iterations and has a lot of cool functions as well.

After reviewing both the phones, I found that the OS on Galaxy Nexus is better even though it lacks some of the features found on SGSIII like SmartStay and S Voice. The winner here is Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Messaging :

There isn’t a lot of difference between the two phones when it comes to messaging. Samsung Galaxy S III is a bit better in the portrait mode courtesy of the 4.8 inches display but in the landscape mode, the Nexus phone is better as the buttons are bigger.

Apart from this, messaging on both the phones is the same. It is hard to pick a winner here but if I had to choose one, I would go with SGSIII due to the bigger screen.

Internet :

Samsung has always enhanced the default Android browser on its phones. They did this on Gingerbread and now they are doing it on Ice Cream Sandwich as well. The browser on ICS is one of the best one around and Samsung has improved it even more. For instance, double tap for zooming feature works better on SGSIII. In the default browser, there is address bar on the top of the screen and it stays there while you scroll. This is a bit annoying and I am glad that Samsung has removed it.

Browsers on both the phones are flawless but the winner here is Samsung Galaxy S III as things are smoother there.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphones

Processor and Memory :

Nexus One had 1.2 GHz TI OMAP dual core 4460 processor inside and a lot of people didn’t like this because this processor was quite old. On the other hand, SGSIII had an impressive 1.4 GHz Exynos quad core 4412 processor inside. Both handsets have 1 GB RAM inside and the performance is impressive. However, SGSIII has an edge as the movements are more fluid. Also, the faster processor is more future proof as well.

Samsung Galaxy S III has better options for memory storage. It is offered in 16, 32, and 64 GB models and there microSDXC card slot supports up to 64GB cards. On the other hand, Galaxy Nexus is available in 16 and 32 GB models and there is no memory card slot. Hence, the winner here is SGS III.

Camera :

Samsung Galaxy S III comes with an eight megapixels camera and Nexus has a five megapixels shooter. Also, there are a lot of shooting options on GSIII phone and shutter bug freaks will love it.

While testing, I found that the noise levels on GSIII are lower and hence things look sharper. For video shooting, both handsets have 1080p shooting capabilities and SGSIII is better here as the material produced by it is more fluid.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Multimedia :

Music player on Samsung Galaxy S III is better as compared to that on Nexus and there are a lot of additional features. However, the difference here isn’t really big. I would recommend SGSIII due to bigger and better screen. People who love watching a lot of videos will like the GSIII more but Nexus isn’t too behind either.

Performance :

I compared the ear pieces of the two phones and found that the GSIII is much better compared to Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the tones are clearer and louder. Also, the GSIII has noise cancellation technology which is exceptional. However, I was disappointed with the loudspeaker quality as both of them are quite poor.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with 1,750 mAh battery and Samsung Galaxy S III comes with 2,100 mAh battery inside. Heavy users will get around one day of life and moderate users will get around two days of battery life. Here to the winner is Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus Features

Conclusion :

SGSIII is a much better phone than the Galaxy Nexus. The hardware inside the GSIII is superior and the overall experience too is more refined. There aren’t a lot of reasons to go for Galaxy Nexus except for a slightly lower price. Some users might prefer the stock UI and particular style on Nexus but SGSIII is a true hero amongst the two.

On the other hand, if you already have the Nexus phone; then I won’t recommend you to upgrade to SGSIII as the difference between the two phones isn’t drastic.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus Price

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