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Published On: Tue, Feb 19th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Micromax Canvas HD – Two phablets battle it out

Samsung recently revealed Galaxy Grand Android smart phone priced at Rs. 21,500. Micromax too announced Canvas HD A116 having price of Rs. 15,000 approx. Both these smartphones have been launched in the market and we will compare these two phones to tell you which one is the best.

Micromax Canvas HD comes with good feature set and you get quad core CPU, a gig of RAM, and latest Android OS. In terms of feature, this smartphone is really good especially for its price. On the other hand, some may put their faith in Samsung brand as it has a good history. Compared to the Korean manufacturer, Micromax is relatively newer.

We will compare all features of both phones one by one –


Samsung Galaxy Grand and Micromax Canvas HD both have five inches touchscreen. Micromax Canvas HD comes with HD display having 1,280×720 pixels resolution. Samsung Galaxy Grand has WVGA display of 800×480 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Micromax Canvas HD Display


Galaxy Grand has dual core 1.2 Ghz processor inside and Canvas HD has quad core 1.2 GHz MediaTek processor. The frequency is same both the Canvas HD processor has more cores inside and hence it can perform more tasks at a time. The RAM is same in both – 1 GB and hence the big difference is the processor. The winner here is Canvas HD.


Both these smartphones have Android Jelly Bean OS inside which is the latest iteration right now. However, Samsung here is a tad ahead of Micromax because it offers software upgrades from time to time.

Micromax has never offered updates for their phones and it is very unlikely that they will start offering updates any time soon. What this means is that if Android comes out with new OS after Jelly Bean, then Samsung will offer an upgrade for the Galaxy Grand and Micromax won’t do this.


Samsung Galaxy Grand has an eight megapixels shooter on the back and there is two megapixels shooter on the front for making video calls. Micromax Canvas HD has an 8 megapixels camera on the back too but on the front, there is just 0.3 megapixels camera.

We have tested a lot of Indian camera phones in the past. They boast of a big megapixel number but the image quality isn’t on par with foreign cameras having the same megapixel value. This isn’t just about Micromax, all Indian phone brands suffer from lower quality photos than what the megapixel rating suggests.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Camera

We tested the photos of both these cameras and found that images taken from Samsung phone are much sharper. The Korean phone giant says that the camera on Galaxy Grand is really powerful; it has no shutter lag. Also, it starts up really fast. We tested this camera and found that both the claims were true.

Micromax Canvas HD Camera

Unique features

We won’t talk about the features of both these phones in detail here as both handsets come with Android OS and hence the feature set is largely the same. However, when it comes to premium features, the Samsung phone is much ahead of Canvas HD. For example, Galaxy Grand has Direct Call feature which lets users dial calls automatically by raising the device to an ear. Another cool feature is that shaking the phone will give status updates or zoom the screens.

Smart Alert feature on Samsung Galaxy Grand shows events like new messages and missed calls when the phone is picked up. S Voice lets you control Galaxy Grand using your voice.

This isn’t all, Samsung Galaxy Grand comes with Face & Voice Unlock which lets users lock/unlock this phone with face/voice recognition to giving better convenience and security.

Micromax Canvas HD doesn’t boast of any such premium features and hence Samsung Galaxy Grand is a clear winner here.

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Micromax Canvas HD Features


Samsung Galaxy Grand price is Rs. 21,500 and Micromax Canvas HD price is Rs. 15,000. The latter phone wins in the price category.


The difference in the prices is more than Rs. 6,000 but the two devices are drastically different even if they are in the same category. It is hard to resist the less expensive phone looking at the price but for extra money, you get a lot of new features that is hard to find on an Indian phone. We would recommend the Micromax phone for casual college users who are looking for a bigger screen to play games and watch movies. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Grand is made for business users who are looking for a powerful device for email, documents, and other such business needs.

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Micromax Canvas HD

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