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Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Now when we have already reviewed the all new iPhone 5 and have compared it with its predecessors – iPhone 5 review  and iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4. Now it is time to compare this hi-tech smartphone with its rival Samsung Galaxy S3. So, read the smart comparison of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Before you start reading further, let us inform you that the iPhone 5 is very advanced and comes with a range of new features, larger screen, faster processor and better camera.

Release Date :

  • iPhone 5 was unveiled on 12 September and its availability starts from 21st September.
  • On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S3 is available now in the market and was unveiled on May 2012.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Design :

  • iPhone 5 has shed a lot of thickness where Apple put a lot of efforts in making this smartphone as slim as possible. Still it carries 7.6mm of thickness where metal casing and non-removable battery play a major role.  The rear layer of glass has now removed. Nano-SIM and screen technology have been introduced to make the phone more interesting. The phone is one millimetre thin as compared to Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • iPhone looks very beautiful and Apple has not only loaded this phone with better features, but has also focused on the design part. The edges are a bit beveled that makes it handy. Still, you may like to use a case to hold the device comfortably. The new aluminum back is pretty slippy, but adds to the elegance. The build quality is also exceptional. There is a removable battery this time that many would love. The phone is available in two colors – Black and White.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 measures 8.6mm of thickness and boast a plastic casing and removable battery. The phone comes in elegant White color, but also comes with Pebble Blue which is a unique and pleasing color. The phone has got all-plastic finish that makes it look a little flimsy. The back cover gets ultrathin feature, but this is the only part that has got immense criticism from all. The plasticky look does not allow the person to pay so much money for this device as it lacks its strong build quality. S3 sports 4.8 inches screen which takes most of the centre stage and tempts people to buy this device. However, we would recommend you to first hold the device and see for your comfort before shelling out so much money for this. Galaxy S3 is larger than iPhone 5 due to its larger screen, but it could turn so uncomfortable to hold.

iPhone 5 Features

Display :

  • iPhone 5 carries 4-inch IPS screen that features 1,136 x 640 pixel resolution
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 features 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution

This is the first time when Apple after long has decided to provide new rather than using the same screen size – 3.5-inch. The phone has got a lot of new features as now it is high time that Apple offer the world with new and attractive things in spite of the same traditional form of specs and design. The market is booming with challenging devices and Apple also has to face the competition for staying as the leading glory in tech world. iPhone 5 has turned longer in size, but not thicker. It will offer more fun while watching movies.

Various apps have already tweaked so that the longer screen supports them well. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite wide in hand than the iPhone 5 and the screen pixel density is still comparable to iPhone 5 though it spread across with 720 by 1280 resolution. Samsung Galaxy S3 carries a Super AMOLED panel whereas; the iPhone 5 carries IPS technology that was used in earlier iPads and iPhones since years. The Super AMOLED display provides fabulous black response and vibrant colors. On the other hand, the IPS screen offer more natural look. Overall, iPhone 5 carries such good screen that will surely persuade you.

Connectivity :

  • One of the biggest improvements that Apple has done to its new iPhone is its newly designed Earpod headphones and new Lightning power connector. Besides, 8-pin connector and microSIM are the other additions. There is no microSD card.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 is the adapter, Samsung noise isolating IEM earphones and microUSB charge cable.microSD card insertion is available and microSIM is also available.

There is a range of accessories offered with both the devices. However, Apple’s accessories are given more focus and the manufacturer has marketed them that way. iPhone 5’s accessories mainly headphones are given more design focus where new pair of Earpods have been offered for complete comfort. Apple had done a lot of research and experimentation for its new headphone that offers quality and noise reduction feature. The headphones are small and build of plastic. The design gets sophisticated look to fit well in ear canals. The headphone offers more noise isolation as compared to the traditional set.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Features

They are very comfortable and can be used anywhere in train, car, plane without even leaking the sound in the outside world. In fact, the sound quality is good as well. The manufacturer has completely redesigned the sound ports and incorporated more bass. The result at the end is surprising and pleasing.

Power cable on the other hand is also different. Now Apple has provided new 8-pin socket where earlier it was 30-pin connector. It is named as Lightning that sounds perfect with the Thunderbolt computer port. A power adapter and SIM removal tool are other features that Apple has provided.

Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is more ordinary with multiuse. The phone features micoUSB charge cable and power adapter that is useful to plug the cable into a standard IEM noise isolating earphones. Sound quality is good.

One problem with new connector for iPhone is the incompatibility with the present iPhone docking accessories. iPhone 5 still does not carry expandable memory and many can wish for a memory card slot.S3 supports HD video with surround sound audio (HDMI port) and does not depend on sync software for transferring files (you can simply drag and drop from computer to this device when connected with USB cable).

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs

Performance :

  • iPhone 5 features 1 GB of RAM, A6 processor and power TBC
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 features 1 GB of RAM, Exynos 4412 and Quad-core 1.4GHz

If Samsung Galaxy S3 has to beat iPhone 5 then the processor is the only way to lead. S3 boasts an impressive Exynos 4412 chip that gets four cores (quadcore) and clocks at 1.4 GHz.

If considered the iPhone 5, it has 1 GHz Dual-Core A5 processor that runs hand-in-hand with dual core graphics. So, S3 is two-times faster than the iPhone 5. So, this is the only place where Samsung wins the game.

iPhone or Samsung both offers amazing power due to their hard-core spec under the hood.

Camera :

  • iPhone 5 sports 8 megapixel camera that supports LED flash
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with 8 megapixel camera with LED flash

Both the phones carry same camera, but their features differ. iPhone has got more features which mainly include Panorama as a great feature. Though the camera has been slightly upgraded from the previous models, but the addition worth a lot. The camera still boasts a standard LED flash. The camera still features 8 MP sensor and the aperture is f/2.4, using 5-element lens. The iPhone 4S features backside illumination sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with 8 MP sensor that offers features such as 1080p video caputuring, LED flash, image stabilization, and touch focus. Still, what is more important is the image quality which is great and goes ahead of iPhone 4S. Panorama mode is one great addition in iPhone 5 where you just have to pan the device to automatically get an image. This technology keeps full size image that allows the users to give up to 28 MP images.

iPhone 5 Camera  Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Price

Battery :

  • iPhone 5 offers up to 8 hours of talk time backup
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a 2100 mAh battery, giving good backup for the day

Apple claims that the iPhone 5 gives a battery backup of up to 8 hours on 3G calling, 8 hours on 3G browsing, 8 hours on LTE, and 10 hours browsing on Wi-Fi. Besides, the phone gives a battery backup of up to 40 hours on music, 10 hours on video and 225 hours on standby.

Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand has provided with a very powerful battery that challenges most of the high end smartphones in the market. With 2100 mAh battery, the phone can run various apps and provide good Wi-Fi experience.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Verdict :

If you ask which smartphone is the best, we would obviously go with Apple’s product. It is quite obvious that Apple offers all great features that cannot be compared so easily with other manufacturers. However, Samsung Galaxy S3 cannot be overlooked as it is a good smartphone that comes with a range of explicit features. The new iOS 6 operating system offered by Apple is yet to explore. Galaxy S3 is more flexible due to several features that Apple has failed to provide in its flagship mobile – expandable memory and more capable OS. If you consider the designs, iPhone 5 this time gets metal body that gives more premium look. With new features such as camera improvement, design improvement and high-tech specs added, iPhone 5 can still wear the crown as the best smartphone in the world.

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