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Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013

Samsung Rex 60 preview – Entry level Java based phone made for Indian youth

Samsung recently launched four phones under their new Rex brand and the Samsung Rex 60 is the first and least expensive phone amongst the four. Smartphones are getting increasingly popular and this mainly because they are getting cheaper. You now get smartphones under Rs. 5,000.

Samsung is one of biggest phone manufacturers in the world and they have made phone for every budget. Their new Rex series look good and we got to preview the Rex 60 at its launch at Delhi on 14 Feb. Here we are talking about this phone in short. We will post a complete review when the manufacturer sends it in our offices.

Samsung was one of the first phone makers to make Android phones for different budgets and their effort has paid off well. The company is now making devices for luring different types of customers. Samsung Rex 60 is available in different colours and it is made for youth. However, the business customers will be attracted to it as well.


Samsung Rex 60 comes with sturdy build and this phone looks like Samsung Chat Duos having a facelift. Both have similar feel and design elements but the Rex 60 has updated OS inside.

Samsung Rex 60 Price


Samsung Rex 60 isn’t an Android phone. It runs on Java OS and is made for Samsung for Rex phones. There are a lot of ideas borrowed from Android OS and this phone is user friendly. There is quick access friend which you can access by just dragging your finger downward on screen.  This isn’t Android OS but I still liked it. There are applciations on home screen just like Nokia Asha phones.


Samsung Rex 60 comes with 2.8 inches capacitive touchscreen display. We didn’t get to test it extensively but a few touches told us that it is fast and responds well to touch.

Samsung Rex 60 Features


Samsung didn’t reveal anything about the processor but we expect this phone to have 500MHz chip inside. The OS was fast and hence it is very unlikely that the processor is slower than this.


This is a budget phone and hence you can’t expect it to have a super camera inside. Samsung Rex 60 comes with 1.3 megapixels camera inside and the photos are good for viewing on phone screen only. There is fixed focus lens for faster picture capturing but lower resolution disappoints.

Samsung Rex 60 Display


Samsung Rex 60 is a dual SIM phone with SIM swap. This means you can use 1 SIM for downloading and other for calling. We will soon cover a full review of this phone so stay tuned on this blog for more.

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