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Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2011

Samsung Nexus Prime Rumors

While there are several rumors about the mysterious Samsung Nexus Prime, being developed by Google, here is a latest addition to the list. One of the review websites reported that they managed have a glance at the device, which was supposedly carried by a Samsung exec at the Verizon Developer meeting in Las Vegas.

According to the reporting website, the new Samsung Nexus Prime gets a bit chunkier than its predecessor, and gets a 8MP-back camera and 2MP front camera. For any smartphone, a 2MP front camera is simply awesome. Some other sourced also reveal that the phone might get a bigger screen this time, about 4.65 inches. This size, combined with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 HD would make a killer combination.

This is probably the first phone that will use the operating system of Ice Cream Sandwich, and will have a dual-core OMAP processor. Unlike many of its previous phones, this Google-Samsung product will have just one home button, and will be slightly bigger and broader than Nexus S. This phone is likely to get 1GB RAM, 16GB memory, and a 2000-mAh battery. With such high RAM, the phone is expected to perform blazingly fast.

Until now, there has been no word about the release date of Samsung Nexus Prime.

However, internal sources revealed that the phone could be launched anytime in November 2011. With several other phones to be launched before Christmas, this new phone is phone would definitely get an intense competition. Besides, the rising demand for tablet PCs with call feature is a potential threat to the growth of this phone. Samsung Galaxy S III, however, would be launched in mid-2012. So, the company doesn’t compete with its own products.

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