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Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Review: Small Device for S3 Lovers

The rage for Samsung Galaxy S III mini has already been witnessed and now it’s time to reveal what’s inside the device.  There is no competition of this device with the original Samsung Galaxy S III that features 4.8 inches of bigger display. In comparison, the manufacturer has introduced a smaller version of much liked Galaxy S3 that does not suit everyone’s budget. This time, the Galaxy S3 mini has all that the owners want. Read Samsung Galaxy SIII mini review to know more.

Display and Design :

The display like the original model is seamless and measures 4-inch screen with 800 by 480 WVGA resolutions (233 ppi). The display sports Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with PenTile quality that entertains more to the users. Actually the display is adequate to use and delivers pleasant visuals. The only thing it lacks is the pixel density that changes brightness and color representation. The display may not be very brilliant like those of high level HTC Desire X or Acer’s CloudMoblile.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Specs

However, images are delivered pretty well without any glaring contrast issues. Those who want to watch lots of videos will find this cellphone impressive.

Performance :

What is interesting in this device is its core NovaThor processor with 1GB RAM, making the device one of the high level companion for the users. It has dual band 802.11a/b/g/n support, GPS, GLONASS, and Bluetooth 4.0. Since it carries the latest Android version – Jelly Bean 4.1.1, this handset has turned out as the competitor for other same range smartphones. The design and build quality goes hand in hand to make the phone more enchanting. While holding the device, you will feel the solidity of it though it doesn’t give that precious feeling. However, it is vulnerable to scratch so handle with care!

The specs are good and they perform well with somewhere needs to improve. The dual-core 1GHz NovaThor processor is a good choice, but it still goes slow sometimes. One noticeable pause has been witnessed when the home button is long pressed to reach the home screen. Even when you press the standby button to bring the phone to use, it will first present the home screen for seconds before the lock screen appears. This slow performance can turn slower when the user will load the phone with many apps and other useful things.

Gaming on this screen would be appealing, but playing 3D games on this phone could also annoy you if it stops or pauses in between. Still on daily drivers, you can enjoy some of the features graphically such as video viewing, Asphalt 7, photo snapping, and app using. Compare this phone with its competitors and you will find good response for the mini for its lower specs and better performance.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Android

The battery of this phone is good so you can even wash your hands in some gaming. Messaging, chatting, photo snapping and much more can be experienced in a day without any problem.


When it comes to software of Galaxy S3 mini, it is again said to be specially designed for humans. It has got a revamped TouchWiz where the UI is comparable to the original phone. There are some new features to consider like the S Voice as well as the Motion gestures presented on the display. There is another impressive feature worth your attention and that is the pop-up video multi-tasking. With the smaller screen as compared to the original one, this device still presents fun additions even if you find it dissatisfying in front of the original bigger handset.

The lock screen apps that can be customized are becoming many person’s favorite. With the growing technology, the use of cellphones are bringing much more options like the notification bar presented in Android where one just have to pull down the notification from top of the screen to view all on-going updates. Since it is Jelly Bean, you can simply long press the menu button to get access to Google Now.

One disappointing thing is the lack of NFC / S Beam. Some of the territories were announced to receive NFC support, so it’s better to keep checking Samsung’s site.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Features


Camera is getting more demanding these days, especially the craze is for higher resolution and better clarity. In this term, iPhone 4 has already showed what the 5 megapixel camera can do. Now it is time for this smartphone to show how much capacity it possesses. It carries the same 5 megapixel sensor with an addition of f/2.6 aperture and 3.54mm focal length. The camera quality is impressive and the colors look really good. You can simply play with the settings to get some amazing pictures in different modes and light settings. There are other settings to use such as Panorama, HDR and Burst modes. You will also like the tap-to-focus, geotagging and face detection technology. So overall, Samsung Galaxy S III mini delivers enchanting experience.

Apart from imaging, the phone also supports 720p (30 fps) video formats, giving HD quality experience.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Price


This one area brings head-to-head comparison of Galaxy S III mini with its big brother. The battery life gives a long lasting effect between 8.5 hours and 9.5 hours. It easily gives you constant run of up to 9 hours on which you can use Wi-Fi on without connected, video looping and brightness fixed at 50 percent. This is a sweet pie to have especially for those who cannot afford to keep their phones switched-off to save some battery when needed. The phone has got 600 mAh lighter battery than the 2,100 mAh battery provided in the original handset. In any ways, the battery is good to use throughout a day.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Cellphone

Things to Know

We cannot straightly compare this lower version with its sibling due to many reasons. But what it has got is good in many ways. Considering the top of this device, it has rounded appearance than the Galaxy S3. Certainly, it gets narrower shape with curved shoulders. Below it, you will find sensors and camera perfected integrated at the left side instead of right offered in S III. The bezel on this new phone is taller this time, giving the device slightly more elongated feel at its sides. The home button this time is larger and the power button available at the right is slightly taller as well as squarer. LED flash in mini has been dramatically placed below the camera lens. Even the speaker hole has got new place, at the left of the camera which was earlier at the right in S3.

Of all these changes, there is no point of getting excited as it doesn’t change to pixel-packed HD display. Since the phone carries smaller dimensions, you can expect the resolution to be at 800 by 480 pixels like those mid-range phones have.

With less screen resolution, it is a shame for Samsung which has offered a manageable 4-inch display rather than what the original phone has – 4.8 inches. The PenTile matrix offered on mini has no charm to attract many fans.

Other than this, the dual-core 1GHz NovaThor U8500 processor does not give any jaw dropping experience, but is still manageable for the device of this size. Coming to the camera, it has a front facing VGA camera which could have been even better. The battery has also been changed from 2,100 to 1,500 mAh for mini. Still, you can use it till sunset.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini


The Samsung Galaxy S III mini price is set at as low as Rs. 24,349.


This phone has been specially created for those who want to get an experience of Galaxy S III for low cost. Since this phone comes for low cost than the original bigger handset, users can buy this and get good experience out of it. Though Samsung tried to give what the users demand, but it cannot be the Samsung Galaxy S3 due to lots of reasons. The specs are low and the features are disappointing at some point in mini. This can be labeled as a good mid-range smartphone which can be considered in place of the expensive Galaxy S3.

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