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Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy R – Preview

Samsung Galaxy R was announced a couple of days ago and will be released soon. It doesn’t come with Exynos chipset that was found in Samsung Galaxy S II but instead has Nvidia Tegra 2 which you get on a lot of tablets and smartphones. Also, this is first phone from Samsung to have this chipset. It will be interesting to see what price does the manufacturer attaches to this phone. Samsung has released this phone in Sweden by the name Galaxy Z.

Samsung Galaxy R Price :

$615 (expected)

Samsung Galaxy R Design :

Samsung Galaxy R is quite like the cousin – SGS II. The form factor is the same but specs say that it is about 1 mm thicker. I won’t call this redundant especially because the design of SGSII was well received in the market and I really liked it. Placement of front keys too is similar; there is Home button along with back and menu keys located on left and right side of Home.

Samsung Galaxy R Price

Samsung Galaxy R Display :

There are some disappointments here. This phone won’t be having Super AMOLED Plus display or Super AMOLED screen. The manufacturer has opted for smaller screen of 4.19 inches. I can only tell you about the quality after I have reviewed the phone.

Galaxy R Operating System :

Just like some new smartphones in the market, Samsung Galaxy R will have Android 2.3 which is latest OS from Google.

Samsung Galaxy R Specs

Samsung Galaxy R Camera :

Samsung Galaxy R has a five megapixels camera on the back which is accompanied with LED flash. There is also front camera which will let you make video calls.

Samsung Galaxy R Memory :

Looking at the the mid range specs, one would expect good onboard memory because you need to store a lot of pictures, videos, and music. The manufacturer has put in eight gigabytes of onboard memory for storing all your stuff.

Samsung Galaxy R Camera

Galaxy R Battery :

I don’t know about the battery inside this phone but I can tell you that the battery performance is expected to be a bit lower. OLEDs are known for their economical power consumption and screen is the main reason for battery drain in a phone. But this phone doesn’t have an OLED screen so battery performance will take a hit.

Samsung Galaxy R Battery  Samsung Galaxy R Charging

Conclusion :

Samsung Galaxy R is made for users who are looking for cheaper alternative to the SGSII. Specs aren’t as impressive but Tegra 2 chipset with Android 2.3 OS onboard will certainly make you drool. It will give you good performance with user friendly experience. This smartphone will be launched in Q4 for Singapore but I don’t know about the dates for rest of the world. Swedish markets sell this phone for 3995 SEK which is around $615. This will give you some idea about the prices.

Looking at the phone, I strongly feel that it will be priced lower as compared to the SGSII.  These specs aren’t too bad considering that it is smartphone made for mid-high range users.

Samsung Galaxy R Cellphone

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