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Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

Pantech Burst Review – Great features at low price

Pantech is a cell phone manufacturer that has been making affordable and inexpensive phones since a long time. The low price attracts a lot of buyers. Their 4G LTE Android phones have been selling quite well in the market. I recently got Pantech Burst for review in my labs. It is $50 LTE handset having a lot of goodies. This handset has a five megapixels camera is not the best but the four inches super AMOLED touchscreen is really attractive. There is two megapixels camera on the front for making video calls and the handset is powered by dual core 1.5 MHz processor.

The design is a cool change from the sea of Android 2.3 OS Gingerbread phones that I have been getting since a long time. However, the call quality of the phone is a bit disappointing and if you are buying this cell phone to make a lot of calls, I would recommend you test it before buying.


When I first saw Pantech Burst phone, I immediately liked it. This is a really god phone having interesting style and colour splash. I got the red ruby model in my labs for review and I really liked it. This phone is also offered in titanium. The handset has glossy black face, rounded shoulders, and on the sides, here are black shiny accents. This gives a kind of tuxedo effect to the phone. Back side has 2 strong ridges which I really liked; the phone curves in to spines there.

Pantech Burst is pretty straightforward in terms of hardware features. There is two megapixels lens for camera above the display and the back side has five megapixels lens having flash. Right side of this phone has microUSB port for charging, and on the left side, there is black and sleek volume rocker button. On the top, there is 3.5 mm headphones jack and a power button having a tic tac like shape.

Pantech Burst Price

The back cover of this phone is a bit stubborn and it reveals a slot for microSD card. This phone uses microSIM cards and hence standard sized SIM cards won’t work.

Good fit

Pantech Burst fits in my hand very well. This phone is five inches tall, 0.45 inch thick, and the width of this phone is 2.5 inches. This phone is big enough for showing all the details of the screen and yet not so large to be uncomfortable in the hand. It will also fit easily in jeans pocket. The weight of this phone is 4.3 ounces which makes it neither too heavy nor too light.


The Pantech Burst has a four inches Super AMOLED display and I was impressed by its high contrast, clarity, vibrancy, and brightness. It is good to see such good quality screen at a low price tag. This phone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and there is also Pantech’s custom interface. I really liked motif of lock screen; it has 6 icons which you get to drag in to central circle for unlocking for showing home screen, call log, music player, e-mail, browser, messaging box, etc. This is similar to HTC Sense UI. The manufacturer should have put one for opening the camera as well.

Pantech Burst Display

Home screens

Just like other Pantech phones, the Burst has 7 home screens that are user customizable and you can see all of them in a single glance with a pinch. There is drop down box for notifications and it includes the system settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. You can turn this on and off with single finger tap.


The Pantech Burst is a budget phone and still it has a lot of features. For instance, this handset comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. It can be used as hot spot for connecting up to 7 devices. Custom interface of Pantech lets you to put Google accounts and you can also use this phone for corporate e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook integration. The contact lists sync up with social networking sites easily.

Pantech Burst review says that this phone has accounts for Qik Lite and widget for social networking which will give you auto updates in every ten minutes for Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. But this should be used economically or else your battery life will be exhausted fast.

Burst has all the standard Google services onboard like YouTube, Latitude, Place, Maps, Books, Talk, and Search. There is also voice search, music player, browser, calendar, and alarm clock/standard clock.

This is an AT&T phone and the service provider has put their own apps like AT&T Navigator, code scanner, family app, live U-verse TV, and account info. There are plenty of pre installed apps on this phone like Amazon Kindle, Adobe Reader, Clock tools, converter, compass, document viewer, shortcut to install movie app, and memo pad.

Apart from all this, Burst also has NFL Mobile, Qik Lite app, PC Suite Connector app, RSS reader, stocks, and sketch pad (for drawing doodles). There is also Yellow Pages Mobile, Weather, and video player.


Pantech Burst


Pantech Burst price is $50 with contract and without the agreement; it will cost you $399.99. The price is good enough considering the features inside especially if you are taking it with the contract.


Pantech Burst camera app which lets you toggle between the back and front cameras. You can also toggle between the video and camera modes using this app. For accessing the options and settings, you simply have to tap on screen. This phone takes photos from VGA to 5 MP resolution. There are 3 focus modes, flash and a lot of filters, shot modes, and white balance presets.

Pantech Burst has super AMOLED display and hence the photos looked very good on the screen. I took the photos on my computer screen as well and was pleased that they were looking vibrant and crisp with a lot of ambient light. The detail level and color reproduction were good enough and shutter speed too was average.

The camera on the front too good photos and the color reproduction was decent. There is a lot of digital noise which isn’t unexpected in a front facing camera.

Pantech Burst Camera

Video quality

The video quality from Pantech Burst was impressive with HD 720p quality. The playback was pretty smooth and the volume capture too was strong. There is plenty of detailing as well. Just like the camera, you get filter and white balance presets. There is also video time for capping duration of recording. This scale is from an hour to ten seconds. You can use this for limiting the size of video for MMS. Video recording can also be done using camera on the front.

Call quality

Call quality of the Pantech Burst was good enough on my end but my friends said that it was awful. Mostly, I heard persistent white and soft noise. The voices were muffled and hollow. However, the volume level was good and there weren’t any bleeps or distortions. On the other side, my friends said that there was distant, flat, and bit unnatural. They said I was sounding muffled but the voice was loud enough. Background noise wasn’t there but there was some distortion at the higher volume levels.

Speakerphone of Pantech Burst isn’t good enough. When I kept this phone at level of waist, I had to talk loudly. The voices were jangly and thin for my ears and the experience wasn’t good. On the other side, my friends said that there was some echo and my voice also garbled. Speakerphone distorts a lot at higher volume.

Battery life

Pantech Burst comes with four and half hours of rated talk time on its 1,680 mAh battery. The standby time is ten days. I haven’t tested the phone for talk time so can’t tell you  if the given numbers are true or not.

Pantech Burst Review


Pantech Burst has a good design, impressive feature set, and low price. The battery life and call quality could is disappointing and if these 2 things matter a lot to you, I would recommend you to look elsewhere. On the other side, the camera is solid, the screen quality is awesome and its size is practical too. The dual core chip inside keeps this phone fast all the time. At such a low price, this phone is hard to ignore.

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