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Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2012

Nokia Asha 200 – For social networking freaks

Nokia Asha 200 is dual phone and it can take in 2 SIM cards at the same time. This is just like having 2 phones in single device. This is a budget friendly phone and is made for the teenage users. Its ,notable features are full QWERTY keyboard for easy texting and social networking integration.


Nokia Asha 200 review says that this is a good example of attractive budget phone. This handset is offered in different colours. The body is all plastic; it is light and well made. Due to the curved sides, this handset will fit naturally in the palm of your hand and operating it is quite easy. The handset isn’t too wide for tall and your thumbs won’t have any problems in reaching the physical buttons of this phone.

Regarding the buttons, there isn’t a two button volume rocker and this is disappointing as adjusting the volume of the phone becomes complicated. One more feature about the design that I wasn’t really comfortable with is five way button for navigation that is located in middle. In normal use, my thumb slipped a lot of times while pressing middle button by accident.

Nokia Asha 200 Cellphone

On the bright side, the full QWERTY keyboard is good. You won’t have any problems in typing a lot of text and you will get used to this keyboard in no time. You can also use this for posting lengthy wall posts and emails through your mobile phone.


Nokia Asha has a 2.4 inches QVGA screen and this isn’t a touchscreen which isn’t unexpected considering the phone’s price. It will still get the job done fine – the display has just one problem – poor visibility outdoors. Apart from that, there aren’t any major issues. The screen has support for 2262k colours and hence gradients don’t look as smooth as that on the advanced screens. However, I wasn’t really concerned about that.

Nokia Asha 200 Colors

Interface and functionality

People who are not familiar with Series 40 OS platform and the interface might feel a bit lost at first and they will have to spend some time through the menus and other such things. This is a bit of a chore and I wish Nokia had done better here.

You get to choose between having home screen with shortcuts and widgets or minimalistic, clean home screen without any widgets. Personally, I preferred the latter because it looks less cluttered but for some people, having widgets might be useful. You should know that interacting with some widgets is a bit laggy but there aren’t any major problems other than this.

This is a dual SIM phone and Nokia Asha 200 review says that you get to choose which SIM card you want to use for each of the action. For instance, you can use one SIM card for text messages and calls and the other one for data connectivity. You can replace the latter on the fly and this phone can store settings for maximum 5 SIM cards.

Nokia Asha 200 comes with Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook integration through Social App and this is great if you love spending time on social networks. There is also instant messaging client which works fine with Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, etc.

Nokia Asha 200 Display


I tried hard to get the browser on Nokia Asha 200 working but it didn’t yield any success. Instead, I just got a message which said ‘No server access’. I then installed third party browser through Ovi Store, called Ucbrowser 8 and it was working fine for mobile versions of the sites.

You can only access Internet on Asha 200 through 2G radio EDGE support. You will have to wait for a while to access Facebook or download apps. There is Bluetooth 2.1 EDR put in for transferring files wirelessly between the devices. Also, there’s microUSB port for the mass storage but the transfer speeds are a bit slow and you need to have patience.

Nokia Asha 200 Features


Nokia Asha 200 comes with a two megapixels camera on the back and I wasn’t really impressed with this camera.  To start with, the photos didn’t have any detail and there wasn’t auto focus present. The shutter lag is more than one second and this can be annoying for some people. I wasn’t expecting an awesome camera for this price point but Nokia could have done better. The videos are awful looking and are unusable.


Nokia Asha 200 music player’s most advanced feature is the display of album art. Apart from this, there isn’t anything fancy. It has all the basic features like sorting the music by album, artist or title. If you like listening to a lot of music, then I will recommend you to get external memory card because this phone just has 10MB of internal memory. There are speakers for playing music loud.

This phone can also play videos but you won’t be watching them a lot because the display of the phone is quite small. The screen supports videos of 240×320 pixels. I could watch Xvid and MP4 videos on this phone but they were choppy on a lot of occasions.

Nokia Asha 200 Price


Nokia Asha 200 price is Rs. 3959 but I would recommend you to check your local store for the latest prices.


Nokia Asha 200 had mixed audio performance in phone calls. The voices through earpiece were loud enough but they were muffled too but it was still easy to make out what my friends were saying on the other side of the phone. My friends too said that my voice was loud enough on the phone but there was some digitizing and distortion.

You will get about seven hours talk time on one full charge which is good enough. The stand by time is one month for a single SIM and three weeks if you put in both the SIM cards. Music playback time is 52 hours which is really impressive.

Nokia Asha 200 Specs


Nokia Asha costs less than $90 off contract and hence it gives you good value for money. Hence, I would certainly recommend you to get it if you are looking for a low priced dual SIM phone. The looks of the phone are good and the phone comes with a nice keyboard as well. The social networking features on the phone are good and it will certainly please the young crowd.

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