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Published On: Wed, Jan 23rd, 2013

Micromax Superfone A110 Canvas 2 Review

Yet, this is another cellphone that comes under Rs, 10,000. A good deal for those who wish to have moderate priced, Android-based smartphone. It is the Micromax Superfone A110 Canvas 2 that carries same 5-inch display like its sibling Micromax Superfone Canvas A100 that also ranged under Rs. 10,000. One good thing about A110 Canvas 2 is that the manufacturer has managed to fit in a dual core processor which was lacking in A100 and that too at same price. So, this phone gets more appeal. Now read the Micromax Superfone A110 Canvas 2 review and find out what else this phone has to offer.


The Micromax Canvas 2 A110 has borrowed its design cues from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus just like the A100 has. It sports its chrome trim at the sides are very charmingly presented to create an illusion of curved glass. It gets nice volume rocker at one side where power and sleep button also locates. Since both the sides carry thick bezel, the phone actually looks larger than it actually is. A row of sensors are available next to the chrome plated earpiece as well as the strong built quality rear cover is not that easy to attract scratches. Well, we hope there would be more similarities of A100 and A110. Also, A100 that we have reviewed carries rear cover that is glossy and can easily attract scratches and fingerprints. Micromax seems to be experimental in this case and the things that A100 lacks are all rectified in A110. Therefore, the rear cover of this new device is matte finish that avoids fingerprints.

Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110

As far as display is concerned, the device sports a big 5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 854 by 480 which is not really great as compared to the high resolutions trending in the market. The images, icons and other views lose their sharpness due to less resolution. The screen doesn’t give very good quality; you have to bear with average screen quality. On the other hand, the viewing angles of display are also very poor which on A100 was pretty cool. Through this we can say that the manufacturer has managed here to cut cost and deliver us on the price below Re. 10k.

The phone has good built, but it’s heavy in hand. There is also no hot-swap due to the placement of microSD card that comes in between.


Talking about the interface first, the Canvas 2 A110 comes loaded with stock interface which results from Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, same as its sibling. One change that is noticed in this phone is the notification bar which has changed and now there are side-scrollable toggle switches. The user interface is smooth, though it is strange as it runs a dual core CPU inside. Micromax has used MT6577 SoC, a spec offered by MediaTek. It mates well with the 1GHz dual core Cortex-A9 processor and PowerVR GPU. This SoC is especially designed for those smartphones which come under the price range of $200 and cover potential to support a 720p displays and 1080p recorded videos. However, the major disappointment is the lagging UI. Another significant feature is the missing ambient light sensor which is commonly found on all smartphones.

Despite the stock User Interface and apps, the brand has added a SIM management option for users to set their default card for internet, calling, messaging, and others. Both the SIM cards can be activated at the same time if the user wants. Next is the added scheduled power off option that lets the phone switched off or on at a designated time anytime the user wants.

Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110 Apps

Coming to miscellaneous apps, the phone is loaded with Play Store which is the asset of Google in new Android. There are M! Store and M!Zone that sounds interesting though we have not used properly due to shortage of time. Several games that the apps include are Cricket Fever and Fruit Devil. Other than this, there are File Manager which is very important to be loaded when it’s taken out of the box. Also included are HookUp and M!Buddy for entertainment.


The phone supports both 2G and 3G connectivity, however; two bands are dedicated for 2G and one for 3G that does not allow the user to use all networks available across the globe. Other connectivity options are Wi-Fi, USB plug and play, and Bluetooth.

Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110 Specs


The phone is equipped with a powerful 8 megapixel camera that delivers decent pictures, especially in outdoor bright condition. Accurate colors and good details are expected. However, you may find slight difference when clicked indoor with low light. There is Touch-to-Focus and face detection that make the images much better. There are many scene modes as well. You have to use dual-LED flash for indoor shooting or snapping, but not best result you will get. Video recording with this primary camera at 720p will not be that great mainly because the recorded file will not be an MP4 video. You have to literally bear the 3gp format which is a real pain. Why Micromax has to limit the video recording capabilities when it has loaded a powerful 8MP shooter? Well, the 8MP sensor and dual-core CPU both can be easily handled.


When there is a presence of a dual core processor, we hope that the device gets a powerful battery to retain that much of juice from it. Well, 200 mAh is not a bad deal. In fact, the phone can at least run for longer with its dual core CPU running inside and some multimedia files giving company to the user while traveling or getting bored. Though, this battery is sufficient to run for the entire day. The phone in our test ran for around 6 hours and 15 minutes if you make an hour of calling, two hours music, and audio streaming over Wi-Fi.

Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110 Features


Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110 price is fixed at Rs. 9,990 which is same as the Superfone Canvas A100. It seems that Micromax has compromised too much in price, but it has also managed by providing low quality screen and other features. If you play videos beyond 720p, the phone will show you lag which is a straight disappointment. Ambient light sensor is missing and also quad-band functionality is missing. So, there are many things that you need to compromise. If you are still ready to lose all these things for low price then we would suggest you to first look for other options at the same price. You could get much better devices at this price range.

Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110 Price

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