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Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2012
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LG Lucid Review: Not Something to Chase For!

LG Lucid is a mid range smartphone that comes with a reasonable price tag. The phone has not only received 1.2 GHz dual core processor, but has also received Android’s Gingerbread operating system. The phone has got a lot of new features including Verizon’s LTE network and Gingerbread operating system. In fact, in order to make this phone run faster and boot all apps quickly, LG has added 1.2 GHz dual core processor. LG has created a sleek and beautiful smartphone that comes from the mid-range section for common people who gets a lot of features to enjoy at reasonable price.

LG Lucid review :

This phone gets its connectivity from LTE network. However, what we have so far experienced is that the phone gets all last year’s specs, but the performance has been tweaked which makes the phone to be called as this years. LTE was earlier only reserved for carriers’ top-notch phones, but now it is time to experience this phone with a network which is becoming much more common. Considering the networks, Verizon has now spread LTE networks in total 200 US markets, making it standard even on lower-tier devices.

This time, it is LG that has created a smartphone which is called as a mid-range phone, but comes with LTE network.

LG Lucid

LG Lucid Hardware and Design :

Design-wise, the phone is very eye-catchy with all quality material used to it that sounds reasonable if the price is the concern. TheLG Lucid Review hardware of this device is pretty well constructed with a thickness of 11.4 mm and seems much slicker and thicker in nature than its usual appearance. A silver shiny stripe can be found on the edges that make the phone even sleeker and thinner in appearance. The stripe is wider at the top of the device and is thin at the bottom sides. The handset is entirely black in color and is very comfortable in hand. The phone has gained glossy, red and black striped rear cover that will get scratches easily. Also, the glossy cover of the phone is very vulnerable as it attracts fingerprints. Also, you might find it slippery in hands like LG’s Spectrum which also has Verizon’s network, but is not that slippery on Lucid.

The power button of this device lies at the top of the silver stripe at right side. Single button volume rocker is also added next to the silver stripe.

The display of this device is of 4 inches and sports below to it four capacitive Android buttons. Most of the attention is being given to the modest look and features of LG. The looks of this phone improves by the logos of LG at front and rear of the phone with 4G LTE logo inscribed at the back. Considering the screen and its resolution, LG fails to provide crystal clear views on the screen. The 4 inches display makes the icon bigger, but still there is a lack of oomph. The LG Lucid is packed with 800 by 480 IPS LCD resolution and 720p of resolution for video. The display is bright and also provides outstanding viewing angles. However, there is slightest flaw which enthusiasts would recognize clearly. The black color on the screen is not nearly to black and feels a little washed out.

LG Lucid Processor and Memory :

The LG Lucid features a 1 GB RAM and is run by a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.

LG Lucid Performance :

With the integration of a 1.2 GHz, dual core processor, the LG Lucid has turned into a powerful smartphone. There is hardly any lag or delay found to this phone, especially when Gingerbread is running to provide vigorous user-experience. Play your favorite game and you will find no hinder while the game is played. The microphone/spearkerphone of Lucid is very good and the sound is loud. The LTE network is great, but Lucid is not that fast as other Verizon devices. The device gives a speed of 11 Mbps to 13 Mbps and uploading can be done with a speed of around 6 Mbps.

LG Lucid Specs

LG Lucid Software :

Thephone runs Google’s Android 4.0 Gingerbread. However, there is not much craze for the Gingerbread operating system as new updates are available in the market to provide faster experience than what Gingerbread can provide. Still, LG has promised that the phone is upgradable to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich update in future; though we don’t know how long will it take. When the screen is on lock mode, all the user has to do is to swipe down on the screen to unlock the phone. The apps come across where the camera app is much more useful and effective. When the notification is pulled down, you can expect some power and wireless controls to be available.

LG Lucid Cameras :

The LG Lucid is loaded with 5 megapixels of primary camera that is fitted at the rear of the phone and a VGA front facing camera which is useful for video calling. The camera is more than enough for many to click some lively pics, but again one could get disappointed as the camera somewhere doesn’t provide that superior quality images. Still, reasonably sharp images are provided by Lucid’s primary camera. The phone also features autofocus. The rear lens turn green in color when the user uses tap to focus feature. Long distances shooting works well and even photos also look fine.

The rear camera shoots 1080p video, but the resolution does not seem to be giving that great quality. Video gives a little unfocused effect on still images, but is soft. There is a lack of image stabilization. The front facing camera at the front of the phone provides 640 by 480 resolution with noisy photos. One of the good features that LG has provided with its phone is its own app and Android stock. The left side of the display can be found a range of settings in a menu when you will be using LG’s app. Users can instantly add filter or can tweak some basic settings. The app does not take much time to boot and also swaps easily between still recording and video.

LG Lucid Camera

LG Lucid Battery :

Apart from the LG Lucid specs, the big battery of LG Lucid is a plus point. Under the hood of Lucid sits a 1700 mAh battery that gives long life. So, you can run Wi-Fi for longer duration and the Lucid will support you entirely.

LG Lucid Price :

The LG Lucid price is set at $79.99 on contract with LTE. This phone could be priced lower than what Verizon is providing to its flagship handsets, but the specifications are very solid.

Verdict :

With the features provided by LG to its flagship model, the LG Lucid price is just the right, but it cannot come into competition so easily. The LG Lucid is another cheapest LTE phones and caters to the users who find more features at lower price. On the other hand, if it is compared with other high end smartphones in the market, there are many flaws to be considered, including its ugly UI skin or display. Despite all these, the performance cannot be overlooked which is the only best feature about this phone. It is comparatively a good looking phone with good carrier and solid built. The phone is just a fine phone, but does not possess any charm for which many would jump to stores to buy it.

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    I compared LG Lucid to the iPhone 4S and it is about the same size as the 4S, but slightly thicker. Although Lucid doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found on phones 2-3 times its price, but it does offer a fast 4G LTE connection at least

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