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Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2013

Karbonn A1+ Review: A Dual-SIM, Fully Loaded Smartphone

This is karbonn A1+ that has been launched by the manufacturer with a number of its siblings. The only aim of Karbonn is to offer varieties to its consumers at low price. There are hundreds of Andoid smartphones available in the market, but these small companies try to provide good Android devices at low price. Well, the quality and functionality cannot be compared to the devices offered by Samsung, Sony or Apple. Read Karbonn A1+ review and see what this device has to offer.

Why Karbonn A1+?

Karbonn A1+ is a dual SIM Android-based smartphone that is offered with a key selling point – very few Android dual SIM devices are available in the market till date. So, if you wish to have Android device but with dual SIM capacity then consider exploring this device. It becomes more interesting as both the SIMs support 2G networks.


It is a Dual SIM smartphone that comes loaded with Android Gingerbread operating system. Very less phones come with both Android and dual SIM integration. The display features 2-point multitouch capacity. 3MP primary camera and a front facing camera. 1GHz processor, good GPU for games and videos, and good battery, all at low cost.

Karbonn A1+ Price


The phone has very low capacity RAM at 256MB. It supports 2G but no 3G. Low screen resolution. Comes loaded with Android Gingerbread operating system.

Design and Display

The phone carries a good quality multi-touch Capacitive display with 2-point multi-touch capacity. Also, the screen offers pinch-to-zoom functionality which is not offered in all devices. It sports a 3.5 inches display with a screen resolution of up to 480 by 320 pixels. This is actually very less as per the trend in the smartphone market. The phone comes in just two color choices – Black and White. So, those who are expecting new colors which are on trend, just forget it!


A1+ is loaded with an ultra fast processor that offers high speed processing and smooth operations as stated by the company. It carries a 1GHz processor and runs Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread operating system which once was a very popular Android version used in smartphones. This OS supports many convenient and smart features which are still liked by the users.

Talking about camera performance, it is in average and that too when clicked in outdoors at bright light. The phone supports a 3.0 megapixel HD primary camera that filters the images with applications like Google Play.

There is also a front facing digital camera that is useful for video calling through Skype and other applications.

For connectivity, the maker has offered Wi-Fi support that offers fast speed and connectivity and maximum signal strength. Though you can use Wi-Fi hotspot, but the phone lacks 3G support. Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, microUSB v2.0 support, a 3.5mm audio jack, and expandable memory of up to 32 GB are available. Also for locations, you have GPS support which is a great thing at such less price. The phone offers just 256MB RAM which is quite less for Android users and you may get disrupted for lack of internal space.

Data can also be kept secured by completely locking the phone. There is a unique Pattern Lock which these days found in all moderate to high priced smartphones.

The phone supports expandable memory storage option of up to 32 GB through external memory card insertion. So you can download and install applications directly into the memory card. This offers a lot of convenience.

The phone carries sensors such as G-Sensor and proximity. Also, it has GPU support for those who like some gaming and good quality videos. Videos support HD quality that will enhance the quality a bit.

Karbonn A1+


Coming to the battery life of this device, it is good at 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery placed under its hood. You can even download a Task Killer which is available on Google Play to kill the running unwanted apps in the background.


Karbonn A1+ smartphone price is at Rs. 3,400 which is a very low cost in a dual SIM Android-based segment. Now you can enjoy Wi-Fi and internet and keep downloading and installing apps available on store.

Karbonn A1+ Camera


This dual SIM smartphone also features a powerful 1GHz processor where its older brother had slow 600MHz CPU. Also this phone has Gingerbread operating system which is still actively used even in moderate priced devices. Its 3MP camera is average but useful. And there is no doubt that even a moderate priced handset like say Sony’s come lacking with a front facing camera. So at this price, the front facing camera with digital view is a great thing. There is full of competition for Android devices and at such low price, what else can you expect. You are still getting a lot of things including 2G, microSD, USB, Bluetooth, GPS, GPU, 1GHz processor, and 1500 mAh battery. And the best is its Dual-SIM (GSM + GSM) support.

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