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Published On: Sun, Aug 5th, 2012

iBall Glam 3 Review: Just For Rs. 3,500

iBall has launched another stylish mobile which has been christened as iBall Glam 3 in the Indian cellphone market. The phone has got all the pretty looks with flip feature. So, you can simply carry this pocket friendly device with you and attend call in a style by flip-open the phone. iBall Glam 3 cellphone gets a bit of funky looks, but does not look cheap. However, it is more suitable to the teenagers or college goers who can carry and flaunt in front of friends.

The best thing about this device is that it comes at cheaper price. The device is available just for Rs. 3,500 which is not at all a bad deal. You can simply enjoy using the device and its specs that come at such affordable price. However, it is more important to know what this device has to offer to its enthusiasts.

iBall Glam 3 Design and Display :

The design reminds us of those olden days when manufacturers were focusing on creating decorative designs printed over the covers of the iBall Glam 3 Pricedevices. The iBall Glam 3 represents that same design without the presence of vines and flowers, but something that adds to the looks of the device. On the front cover of this device, you can find the logo ‘i’ of iBall that makes the device more attractive. Open the front cover and the numbers and display of this device gets exposed. The phone supports two GSM SIM cards. So, you can enjoy dual SIM feature in this device which is a great convenience for those who carry two separate cellphones to keep both their numbers active. To access the SIM card ports, you need to open the cover at the back under the battery just like a traditional handset.

Once you unfolds the device, it reveals a flat area of numbers that does not demand too much of physical pressing. The buttons are well placed over the alphanumeric keypad, adding to the design. As far as the display is concerned, it is just 2.6 inches and gives average screen visuals just like a normal cellphone. Well, you cannot even compare it with a low range smartphone. One thing that has to be considered is that such slider design which was once very popular is available at such low price. To fill your appetite, the phone comes in White and Black and White and Purple color choices.

iBall Glam 3 Memory :

iBall Glam 3 handset offers good opportunity to users who can expand the memory by up to 16 GB with the help of a microSD card.

iBall Glam 3 Other Features :

Glam 3 comes packed with FM radio, video player, music player, and audio jack 3.5mm that keep up your mood throughout the day.  You can simply travel and enjoy the entertainment package provided by iBall in this device. The experience doubles when you listen to MP3 music on a separate music player that is pre-loaded. The FM radio allows the user to record songs which is more exciting. The Alpha numeric keypad looks beautiful and used in low range cellphones. You can store 1000 SMS’s and the phone book capacity is of 2000 which is more than traditional normal phones. If not anything, you will be happy using this dual-SIM (GSM) cellphone that runs on 2G network.

More integration has been added to this device including sound enhancement with 3D technology. Apart from music player, the device also supports video player, so you can watch movies and listen to music while traveling. The phone is designed on Java platform that allows users to play some games.

iBall Glam 3

iBall Glam 3 Connectivity :

iBall Glam 3 not only highly stylish and attractive handset, but it also features some good specs as per the price tagged. For connectivity, the device supports GPRS that helps users to navigate in different locations, USB, BLuetooth, and Mini Pre-installed browser. Due to the GPRS, USB and Bluetooth with A2DP connectivity, even the professionals can use this device and carry along with them. In fact, a 3.5 mm headset jack is the best option that can be connected to computer as well as this phone for listening to sound.

iBall Glam 3 Camera :

Even at this price, the phone comes equipped with a 2 megapixel primary camera that enables the user to click images and enjoy video recording while enjoying digital zoom capability. The camera features night vision, multi-shot mode and photo viewer with slide show.

iBall Glam 3 Battery :

The phone gets its juice from a powerful 1100 mAh battery that gives a talk time back up of up to 3 hours and standby backup of up to 4 days.

iBall Glam 3 Price :

The iBall Glam 3 cellphone comes just for Rs. 3,500 which is very less. At this price range, you get amazing device that lures by its design and provides access to various specs and connectivity.

iBall Glam 3 Review

Conclusion :

Glam 3 is a dual-SIM cellphone that comes packed with FM radio, USB, Bluetooth and music/Video player. There are much more provided as compared to the price tagged for this device. You also get Opera Mini Browser for accessing internet. In fact, pre-loaded email feature can also be found. So, you can enjoy the sound, download things and watch or listen to various files.

Quick Specs of iBall Glam 3 :

  • DualSIM (GSM)
  • Stylish design with affordable price
  • Comes in different color choices
  • 2.6-inch display
  • 3D sound effects
  • 2.0 MP primary camera with digital zoom and many other features
  • Expandable memory of up to 16 GB through a microSD card
  • GPRS/EDGE, USB and Bluetooth with A2DP
  • Email and WAP
  • 1100 mAh battery
  • MMS, Mobile Tracker, Embedded Games, Emergency SOS Function, and Password Lock

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