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Published On: Sat, Oct 6th, 2012

iBall Andi 5C Smartphone Review: Advanced Specs, High Price

A lot of low range smartphones have launched in the market where all leading to new manufacturers have entered the competition to provide customers in this section. In this competition, iBall has also entered with its series of cellphones as well as smartphones. And now we are here to list down iBall Andi 5C review for our viewers who should know there are low budget smartphones are also available to satisfy their interest.

Design and Display :

iBall has successfully added its flagship model Andi 5c that is based on Google’s Android platform. The device has got latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The device is yet to get a lot of changes to stand on higher range, but at least the moderate segment demands minimum specifications. The phone sports a 5-inch IPS display, 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a front facing camera.

The phone has got sleek and slim look and retains three buttons at the bottom of the screen with one hard key (Home button) at the middle and two touch buttons (Menu and Back Capacitive touch) at its sides. What is more interesting is the look of this device which resembles the design of Samsung Galaxy Note. The design-wise we can compare both the devices, but it retains a lot of differences under its hood. Andy 5c is just 2 mm shorter in height than Samsung Galaxy Note. Also, the thickness varies.  Besides, the build quality is worth the money and the shell of this device is very sturdy. At the top of the display reside a speaker and front facing camera which share space along with light and proximity sensors.

The panel of this device has got matte finish with company’s logo and model number is inscribed in silver printing. At the bottom is speaker grill and at the top you will find the primary 5 megapixel camera with LED flash support. There is a dedicated volume rocker as well as power button that takes respective sides of the phone. microUSB and headset jack get their position at the top. The sides of this phone get chrome finish. Altogether the phone looks pretty presentable and good in hand.

iBall Andi 5C Specs

As far as the display is concerned, the Andi 5c sports normal 480 by 800 pixels of screen resolution which we commonly find in Sony Xperia series these days. The IPS panel gives good viewing angles and the images look crisp. However, the refresh rate is not that attractive and the video may get a bit hazy. Well, you cannot expect screen to be very amazing like those of Samsung’s and Sony’s products. The backlight of this device also seems to bleed from all the corners, but you can still ignore this disappointment.

The phone runs Android ICS operating system which provider fast and fluid user interface. The UI doesn’t get sluggish which using, but there is a lack of GPU which come for acceleration.

Performance and Other Features :

Still at this price range, we expect that the Andi 5c will bear some powerful hardware, but we got disappointed for its technical specs. Well well, you will love its single core 1GHz Cortex A9 processor which run with the supported 512 MB RAM. The internal memory storage is of 4 GB which we barely get on other leading moderate range smartphones. So, this is good for those who want to download and save a lot of music and videos. For added storage, you can use microSD card of up to 32 GB. These features match the iBall Andi 4d that come with smaller display size.

Performance-wise, the phone runs normally due to powerful processor. But you cannot expect this phone to give you blowing performance and multitasking on its single core processor. Videos run well, but at standard definition. At least, you get access to 720p videos which run flawlessly. However, again you have to face disappointment if you try to run 1080p videos. The phone also supports HD videos, giving bright display and IPS panel, but there are noticeable frame loss in videos (slightly) and jittery images on fast motion videos.

iBall Andi 5C Price

Battery :

One great feature that this phone has retained is its powerful 2300 mAh battery which easily gives you a full day run. Well, you might not consider using Wi-Fi for full day as it will flush the battery soon.

Price :

The iBall Andi 5c price is tagged at Rs. 15,999 and is now available at a best price of Rs. 12,999. At this price range (16k), you can get good Sony Xperia smartphone with BRAVIA engine integration, ICS OS and good processor.

iBall Andi 5C Battery

Verdict :

All the current trends are incorporated in this smartphone including the connectivity options such as Wi-Fi/HSDPA, GPS, microSD card slot, dual-SIM support, 3.5 mm headset jack, and 3G. This moderate level iBall Andi 5c smartphone also comes equipped with a 5 megapixel primary camera and a front facing camera for video calling which you can enjoy with 720p resolution. The phone has got all the supports and great built quality, but the features are not real interesting to crave for.  At this price range you get access to other manufacturers like Samsung that offers pretty good range of smartphones. Still, when you have ICS operating system, 1 GHz processor, and 4 GB internal memory, this phone gets the ticket to stand in this segment.

iBall Andi 5C

Quick Specs :

  • Big 5-inch IPS display
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • 5 megapixel primary camera
  • Dual-SIM support
  • 1 GHz A9 Cortex processor
  • 3G, Wi-Fi/HSDPA, GPS, 3.5 mm headset jack support
  • Powerful 2300 mAh battery

iBall Andi 5C Features

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