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Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2013

HTC One X+ – High end phone at affordable price

HTC One X+ is the successors to the original One X and it is improved in a lot of areas. The new phone now has quad core fast processing with NvidiaTegra 3 technology and you also get 64GB massive storage space inside. There isn’t an SD card slot but it won’t be missed. HTC One X+ also comes with Android Jelly Bean OS, better camera, and very slick style.


HTC One X+ is made of single poly carbonate plastic instead of uni body aluminium construction which HTC has been using for a long time. HTC has used plastic black material for this phone and this isn’t cheap. You will certainly love the soft touch finish of the phone having slate like feature which absorbs any finger prints. This phone isn’t as flashy looking as HTC Droid DNA but it still looks pretty cool.

There is flat slap having rounded smooth edges and this phone has aesthetic and ultra modern looks. This handset doesn’t look as chick as white model and HTC is making black model as well. The surface of this phone doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints. The device is 5.3 inch tall, 0.36 inch thick, and 2.75 inch wide. The weight of this phone is 4.76 ounces and this phone is heavier as compared to One X. However, the added weight also lends some solidity to this phone.

HTC One X Plus


HTC One X+ price is $199.99 with a service agreement from AT&T. Without contract, this phone is available for $549.99.


HTC One X+ review says that this phone has 1.3 megapixels camera on the front for video chatting. Below the screen, you will find 3 capacitive buttons and they are for recent apps, home, and back. On the right side of this phone, there are volume controls and left side has microUSB port. On the top, this phone has small power button, 3.5mm headphones jack, and microSIM card slot. Back side of this phone has eight megapixels camera with LED flash.

There is no SD card slot on this phone but it won’t be missed with 64GB onboard storage.

Huge memory

The mammoth 64GB onboard memory is the biggest attraction of this phone. You will be able to carry your entire collection of movies and music on this phone. There aren’t a lot of phones having 64GB memory. The biggest I have seen on phones is 16GB.


HTC One X+ has a huge 4.7 inches screen having a resolution of 1,280×720 pixels. This screen is really bright and viewing angles are wide and nice too. The high contrast display of this phone has vibrant looking colours and the blacks are pretty dark too.


HTC One X+ comes with pretty robust software inside. This handset has latest Google Android OS – v4.1 aka Jelly Bean and there is also a new Sense UI from HTC. HTC says that Sense 4+ has integration with new features of Jelly Bean like Google Now and it bring improved voice and search commands, along with automatic alerts which depend on search history and location.

HTC One X Plus Price

Home screen

HTC One X+ comes with three home screens to start with and you can have seven in all. You can put all kinds of animated widgets and app shortcuts on these homescreens. HTC has the weather clock on centre and front of home screen. The widget digital read out launches world clock that is complete along with 3D slick globe visuals. Hitting weather portion of this clock will show you detailed forecast. There are also good graphics on lock screen which related to the atmospheric conditions. You can also use live wallpaper here.

There is tab below each home screen and there are 4 quick launch buttons on lock screen. You can swap the icons and create/add folders. Your changes will all show up on the lock screen and if you place shortcuts one above the other, then it creates new folder.


Browser inside has a lot of tricks like Flash player to see videos and any other Web based content. You can also open multiple tabs at the same time. Just like the newer Android handsets, you get to use incognito window and any cookies or tracking software won’t be able to keep tabs on what you are doing online.

HTC One X Plus Specs

Google services

HTC One X+ comes with lots of Google services just like other Android phones. Here you get Google+, Navigation, and Gmail. There is Play Store for downloading apps from catalog of more than 500,000 titles. There are also digital books, music, and games for purchase. If you are looking for more entertainment, then there is the HTC Watch app which gives you access to movies and TV shows for purchase or rental.

Social media

HTC One X+ review says that this phone has good social media integration courtesy of Sense 4+. You will find Google+, Twitter, and Facebook apps preloaded on this phone and there is also Friend Stream widget which pulls all the updates from different social media services in one location. Also, there is People app which will automatically analyse your contacts list and suggest links for Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. Inside contact detail of a friend, you can view any albums that he has posted on Facebook along with missed calls and recent messages.

Superior audio

HTC One X+ comes with Beat audio technology and technically speaking, it activates targeted equalizer profile for matching the Beat brand headphones. I have tested HTC One X and One S before and I felt that it pumps the bass too much and hence the highs and mids are killed. There are some tracks which will certainly benefit from this particularly the ones having booming bass. There is equalizer settings group given by HTC and in my testing, I thought Sweetner profile was the best for listening to music.


HTC One X+ comes with ImageSense technology. There is an eight megapixels camera on the back and the manufacturer has put in a dedicated processor for the camera for optimum performance. There are some additional goodies inside like good collection of scene mode and you won’t get these in a typical camera.

HTC One X Plus Camera

Apart from goodies like panorama, auto smile capture, and face detection, this phone has high dynamic range or HDR mode which uses back illuminated sensor of the phone for adding shadow detail to the over exposed shots. This camera can also record 1080p full HD videos and take eight megapixels shots when camera is recording or while playing back movies. The image quality lived up to the eight megapixels tag and it did not disappoint.




HTC One X+ comes with Nvidia quad core Tegra 3 processor inside and there is a gig of RAM inside to keep the phone fast. This phone was fast enough in all my tests and I wasn’t disappointed with the performance.


HTC One X+ comes with 4G and in my testing, I got an impressive speed of 12 MBPS. However, the upload speed was disappointing at 2 MBPS. However, the slow upload speed might be due to the place where I was testing. You might get better speed at your place.

Battery life

HTC One X+ comes with 2,100 mAh battery inside and it has 12.75 hours of talk time and the standby time is 15 days. The rated battery life is quite impressive looking at the big screen size and the fast processor. However, the only disappointing feature of the battery is that it isn’t user replaceable. In my battery drain tests, this phone could stay alive for just five hours and nine minutes. HTC has given power saver mode inside but it isn’t enabled out of the box.

HTC One X Plus Features


Two main things that people are likely to complain about on this phone is lack of SD card and the battery which isn’t user replaceable. On the other hand, the price of this phone ($199.99) is excellent especially considering the vast 64GB internal storage space. This phone is a steal considering the features inside like quad core computing, Android Jelly Bean, 4G LTE, and great camera. The other alternative is Samsung Galaxy S3 but the S3 isn’t as attractive and it has a slower processor too.

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