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Published On: Thu, Oct 18th, 2012

HTC Desire X Review: Now Worth a Pre-Paid Smartphone

HTC has released some amazing smartphones in the market with really good design and specs. This time, the manufacturer has other plans, the HTC Desire X which we have chosen to review for our dedicated users. Read the full HTC Desire X review and find out whether or not this device worth your money.

Pros :

The device has good battery life, processor and operating system that make it a mid to high level smartphone. The in-built storage is also good and the phone runs on Optus 3G network with pre-paid setting. The dual core processor makes the phone stand in a high-end level.

Cons :

Even after good amount of brightness, the display doesn’t worth the price. In fact, the phone is almost unusable in sunlight. The plastic construction of this device may keep many people disappointed.

HTC Desire X

Design and Display :

The manufacturer has launched a range of slim smartphones which include good specs and appealing design, all featuring high-end segment. This time, the manufacturer has offered Desire X that demands much of the attention from its lover. The HTC Desire X smartphone is a 4-inch device that comes with a $299 prepaid handset from Optus. The phone features good integration under the hood and runs on the Optus 3G network instead of the new 4G data.

Since it is a prepaid handset, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy rubbish. It restores quality to many mid-range pre-paid smartphones in the market. The 4-inch Super LCD display is a comfort to many of the users who demand big screen, especially for multimedia. Unlike the mid-range HTC One S post paid smartphone, it stands in different segment and runs Sense UI that goes hand in hand with the still fresh Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Unlike the other smartphones, the Desire X provides much smooth and fast access. Also the Sense user interface is a good job that provides better Android experience. In fact, the phone is more advanced due to the software used in it as compared to those post-paid handsets that are offered in the market.

Overall, the phone looks very slim and attractive. The most significant part is that it at least does not look clustered, rather it boasts elegance from every end. At the top of the screen is the logo o HTC that gleams like a diamond and at the bottom of the display sits three capacitive touch buttons – home, menu and back.

HTC Desire X Display

The phone comes with beats Audio profile that improves sound quality. One great thing that will lure its users is the 5 megapixel camera that borrows some of the features from the HTC One range. The camera is capable of capturing still images while recording video is already on with a burst mode. Users will enjoy clicking 2.5 photos in each second.

One annoying factor is the lack of front facing camera which is these days very useful for many users who do video calling. The rear camera does not have HD video quality which is again a bad move for the manufacturer since most of the high end smartphones come with HD video quality with camera. The 4 GB internal memory is a bit low, but still is acceptable until you have an option of microSD card slot for additional storage. HTC offers 25GB additional Dropbox storage which is available for two years.

HTC Desire X Features

Performance :

Desire X is powered with 1 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor which is a great thing for many users. it has 4 GB storage on-board and runs the freshly running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The phone has 768 MB RAM which is more than many smartphones that come for high price but still 512 MB RAM.

Performance-wise, this phone has almost everything that makes it stand in a powerful segment and demand good amount for such offering. Though many would ask for 1 GB RAM, but it depends on price of the device as it also carries a worthy dual core inside. The performance with dual core is really exciting, giving multitasking options to the users.

Other than this, users can also enjoy the screen performance that reminds us of the attractive HTC One XL smartphone’s screen that provides good brightness and vivid white quality. Despite this, the phone also features beautiful resolution, though it is much lesser in comparison to other good smartphones in the market. The Desire X screen features only 480 by 800 pixel resolution.

HTC Desire X Price

The 5 megapixel camera comes with flash support for delivering good quality images which have been improved. The camera now delivers good images, but one will always feel disappointed with the lack of HD support and a front facing camera.

Battery :

The HTC Desire X sits under its hood a powerful 1650mAh battery that once fully charged can give you full day access. At least, you won’t have to hunt for charger and the plug to charge your phone.

Price :

HTC Desire X price is kept at $299 which is still a good choice if you are getting so much to explore. The ICS on-board gives faster access on its dual core processor. Later, users can at least upgrade with Android’s new version Jelly Bean operating system. The Desire X is available in Australia with Optus plan and also for $299 as an Optus pre-paid device. The price of this handset in India is Rs. 19,799

HTC Desire X Cellphone  HTC Desire X Specs

Conclusion :

It is wise to say that HTC would have at least provided 4G and Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system to this smartphone, but more than that what makes us stop stating such statement is the price. A big camera and these features would have demanded more price than the $299. The price does not fit into the bill if its poor plastic construction is considered.

If you ask us, we would say that the Desire name itself has created some good response in the market. The name carries good amount of weight, especially in Australia. So now when HTC is offering pre-paid handsets, it creates double impression amount its lovers.  The phone carries a sexy design and specs that make it stand in top-end pre-paid segment. For $299, it is not a bad option when you are getting a lot of new technology to experience. If you are simply looking for a pre-paid smartphone that doesn’t annoy you then the HTC Desire X is the one that you might like.

The device is currently available through Optus in Australia. It will be sold on $35 Optus plan which will be divided for 24 months. This plan also includes calling, sending unlimited SMS, 200MB data, and unlimited access to social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay and Foursquare services each month.

HTC Desire X Camera

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