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Published On: Mon, Feb 25th, 2013

HTC Butterfly – A high end smartphone having full HD five inches display

HTC Butterfly is the first phone from this company to have a five inches screen. This display has a stunning 1,920×1,080 pixels full HD resolution. There are a lot of other mouthwatering features like water resistant chassis, quad core 1.5 GHz processor, and LTE support. Let’s see what this phone is all about.


My review model of HTC Butterfly had ‘Fervor Red’ shade and it has attractive looking crimson hue. There is glossy finish at back and it reminds you of Ferrari sports red hot car. However, this glossy finish easily attracts a lot of fingerprints and you will end up wiping the phone too often.

HTC has used a unibody chassis on this phone and it rests very comfortably in the hand. The phone feels thinner in the hand than what it is. The handset is very easy to grip and even people with smaller hands won’t struggle.

There is lock button placed on top and you need to stretch your fingers for reaching it. The manufacturer should have placed it on the sides for better access. There is notification light on back and back. The one on back is useful when this phone is placed screen side down.

HTC Butterfly Battery


This is the biggest feature of this phone. HTC Butterfly review says that there is a huge five inches full HD screen having a stunning 1,920×1,080 resolution. HTC has used Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Super LCD-3 display here. The screen looks is fabulous and I haven’t seen anything like it before. Color reproduction is splendid and there are wide viewing angles too.

However, as compared to 720p display having same level of brightness, there wasn’t much difference in the resolution when seen from long distance. Text on both the displays was smooth and I didn’t see any jagged edges. The full HD videos and images nearly showed same details.

I compared this display with HTC One X screen. The difference is seen only if the view the screen too closely.


HTC Butterfly has IPX5 certification and this means that this isn’t a dust resistant phone but it withstands water sprayed from nozzle for around 3 minutes. There are covering over USB charge port, microSD card, and microSIM card slots.

HTC Butterfly Features


HTC has finally given a slot for memory card here and it is good to see this because the company had stopped putting memory card slots on their handsets for time. Apart from this, there is also 25 GB free Drop box space which is valid for 2 years.


HTC Butterfly comes with the latest Android 4.1 OS aka Jelly Bean and there is also HTC Sense 4+, which is HTC custom UI skin. Intrinsically speaking, the Sense 4+ is similar to Sense 4, its predecessor but the customizable features here are more than Sense 4. There are some camera improvements as well.

For instance, you get more options in lockscreen styles and there is also an option to skip this lockscreen totally. However, I won’t advise this because it isn’t secure.

Stock messaging application too comes with few more features. For instance, you get to set blocked content list and move the messages to ‘block inbox’ or ‘secure inbox’. Just like Whatsapp, HTC has included an option for creating background picture and customizing colors of text bubbles for messaging app.

HTC Butterfly Memory


HTC Butterfly comes with high end eight megapixels camera and there is BSI sensor and F2.0 aperture. All this hardware inside might seem jargon to you but HTC has put it to give better photos in dim light conditions. There is dedicated chip for image processing inside and this phone also has ImageSense technology which is found in some other HTC high end smartphones.

In my testing, this camera did perform according to its promises and I got good photos even in low light conditions. The noise compression feature works aggressively and smears the details.

Camera feature has sightseeing mode which makes a lot of sense. If you enable it, you can lock the phone when camera is running and resume shooting later without getting the lockscreen.


Connectivity features on this phone include DLNA, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0. There is no NFC and LTE but Indians won’t miss it bitterly because these features aren’t popular in India yet.


HTC Butterfly comes with quad core 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro chip inside and this fast processor is accompanied by 2 gigs of RAM. This makes the phone very fast. In my testing, the apps opened up without any lag even when I was doing heavy multitasking. 1080p video also played smoothly. This performance isn’t unexpected because we tested the same processor in HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII, LG Optimus G, and Asus PadFone 2.

HTC Butterfly Price

Battery life

HTC Butterfly battery life is as good as other smartphones having same feature set. There is 2,020 mAh battery inside which can last of one day easily. However, heavy users might need to charge this handset more than once every day.

There is something called ‘Power Saver’ which improves the battery life. We used this and the battery lasted for longer time. It conserves the CPU use, reduces screen brightness, turns off haptic feed back and data connection is put to sleep when screen is switched off.

Call quality

The call quality of the HTC Butterfly is pretty smooth and I didn’t have any problems in reception or voice quality while testing this phone. There were no dropped calls in testing.

Speakerphone too is loud enough; there is dedicated amplifier for headset and speaker. Speaker is placed on back side and hence sounds appear muffled when you place this phone on desk with screen up.

HTC Butterfly


HTC Butterfly is a really good phone and I would readily recommend it if you have a big budget. The high price is most probably because of the full HD screen but 720p display too gives you the same high res videos and images.

This is the only phone right now to have full HD screen but that it set to change with Sony Xperia Z coming in to the markets soon. It is quad core 1.5 GHz processor inside with five inches FHD screen. Xperia Z will have 13 megapixels camera and it will be water and dust resistant. If you have a big budget and are willing to wait, then it is recommended to see what the Xperia Z is all about before investing in the Butterfly.

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