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Published On: Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013

BlackBerry Q10 – Awesome keyboard, long battery life

BlackBerry Q10 biggest highlight is its spacious and large keyboard. It also comes with new BlackBerry 10.1 OS. The OS has used some of the good features of the previous OS and has blended the OS so well that it can run multiple applications at the same time. Web surfing on the OS too is a better experience now and battery life is longer the previous BB phones. However, the app selection in BB still isn’t as good as that of Android or iOS but BB fans won’t complain much about it.


BlackBerry Q10 come with luscious and deep all black look and this phone has an all buttoned appearance. This phone has the business feel which is seen in all BB phones. Taking this phone in the hand feels familiar because the design isn’t too radically different from the predecessors.

BlackBerry Q10 comes with same flat classic shape having soft and round edges which is also seen in other BB handsets. Above 3.1 inches display, there is circular and large notification light which flashes angry red colour and tells you to check the messages. Below this screen, there is the big keyboard.

Edges of this phone, according to the phone maker, are made from treated aluminium material and can easily stand scrapes and scratches. BlackBerry says that it strengthens chassis and guards it well against any flexing and bending.

BlackBerry Q10 white

Left side of this phone has microHDMI and microUSB port. The former is to connect video to any TV. Right side of BlackBerry Q10 has thin volume rocker and Pause/Play button and it is also used for activating the voice command feature of the phone.

On the back, there is stainless steel elegant stripe. Above this, there is small area for the eight megapixels camera and the LED flash. Below this stripe, there is the battery door and it contains 2,100mAh battery inside with slots for SIM and microSD cards. There is soft touch rubber coating on the phone and this gives a good grip. It also keeps the fingerprints away. The thin cover for battery is made up of reinforced glass and BB says that it flexes but doesn’t crack. However, this cover doesn’t have flush fit against chassis especially close to USB port.

BlackBerry Q10 is 2.6 inch wide and 4.7 inch tall and this makes the phone more compact and shorter as compared to today’s mammoth screen sized phones. The thickness is just 0.4 inch which makes it not-so-svelte as other high end phones out there like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. This is still forgivable considering the 4 rows of physical buttons.


BlackBerry Q10 keyboard is the best feature of the phone. There are 4 rows of 35 keys in all and the QWERTY layout is really exceptional. There is not much space between the buttons and keys are large enough to give comfortable typing experience. BlackBerry says that the buttons are about thirty per cent bigger than the predecessor.

Just like BlackBerry Bold, the surface of the buttons here is sculpted along with concave depressions and ridges. With some practise, you will feel that this keyboard is really intuitive. Key travel is quite deep too and the button press give satisfying click to them.


BlackBerry displays have always been different from other phones. Due to keyboard, the display is small and hence you don’t get enough room for touch. This display is 3.1 inches big and is quite small as compared to other bigger 5.5, 5, and 4.7 inches screens which are seen on higher end phones.

BlackBerry Q10 battery
The resolution of this screen is 720×720 pixels and this resolution is quite paltry as compared to other high end phones having full HD resolution of 1,920×1,080 pixels. While reading the Web pages, viewing videos and photos, we had to strain our eyes to get the details. The screen brightness too could have been better. On the bright side, the manufacturer has used OLED screen which gives better contrast, deeper black levels, and wider viewing angles.


BlackBerry Q10 is a BB 10 device which is the latest and best BB OS. This phone has new features like multitasking, and has novel ways for staying on top of your social networking feeds, e-mail, and messages.

There is BlackBerry Hug channels which take care of all your alerts and messages in just 1 handy inbox which displays the incoming missives with the subject lines. This makes it easy to power and prioritize through the communications much easier. In our tests, we liked this Hub and we think that it should turn up on Android phones as well.

Hub status can be checked by Peek gesture which involves drawing inverted L. For this, you just have to drag your finger from bottom of this display and then drag it to right side. Through this gesture, you can roll home screen or any app like window shade and then slide it on right side for accessing Hub.

Just like BlackBerry Z10, this phone gives you access for multiple accounts of e-mail and services of social networking. You can also fill calendar and address book entries by just going in to the services.

BlackBerry Q10 comes with NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. The maps and music apps are quite decent. Same holds true for the Documents To Go app for reading, creating, and editing MS Excel and Word docs and viewing Adobe PDF and PowerPoint files.

There are good social media apps inside like LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. However, just like Z10, YouTube app here isn’t an app and instead, it is link to mobile Web site.

BlackBerry Q10 keyboard


BB phones aren’t really known for their cameras but that changed with BB Z10 which had a camera that was as good as the competition. This phone comes with eight megapixels shooter and it has the same software and image sensor as that on Z10.

This phone has one difference though – HDR mode which pulls out high details in low light. There is also the TimeShift feature here which shoots different pictures in quick succession and lets you pick up best one. For checking out the photos, there is circular innovative wheel.

Z10 camera had some faults and the same ones are repeated in the Q10 as well. You don’t get to choose image resolution and editing tools can be used only after you have shot the picture. Still, the images are quite good looking and the indoor shots too looked good. However, in outdoors, the colours and details are lifeless and flat looking. The shot to shot time too was a problem as the phone took a second for capturing the images.

Battery life

BlackBerry Q10 has excellent battery life. We played a video on this phone and the battery lasted for a little over 14 hours. Long battery life makes this phone ideal for people who will be staying away from the power plug for a long time.

BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry phones have always been messaging devices first and mobile device second. Hence, we would recommend this phone to people who are looking for good messaging phones. The comfortable keyboard and long battery life are the 2 best features of this phone. However, if you are looking for a lot of services and apps, then this phone isn’t the right one for you.

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