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Published On: Thu, May 3rd, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Review: First Phone to get BB10 OS

BlackBerry did not introduce that great devices for the consumers in the global market, but this one could bring some changes in the sales of BB smartphones. The major reason for saying so is that now it is time for you to see a different design that does not claim at first instance that it is the BlackBerry brand. In fact, it seems like another Samsung smartphone from front. Well, it would be only then when you turn the device at the rear where BlackBerry’s logo will inspire you. It is the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha that has been provided by the Research in Motion (RIM) by following the foot-steps of leading tech giants Qualcomm, Intel and Nokia.

What is most attractive part to consider?

RIM has delivered this new smartphone with new design so as to launch its latest operating system in the market while drawing most of the attentions towards this cellphone. The new operating system that BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has received is the QNX-based BlackBerry 10. Until the final productions of this smartphone begin, RIM will put immense efforts in attracting most of the users for BB 10. The shipping processes will be commenced from this fall as mentioned by the manufacturer.

Review of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Design :

The most appealing part about BlackBerry smartphones are their designs, though many understand that they are BB handsets, but this one seems different. It was a time when BB introduced QWERTY keypad that attracted immense number of consumers in the market. The QUERTY keypad was very useful for instant message typing. However, this fully touch screen with 4.2 inches long HD LCD display has been still found as a bit unclear in terms of type, possibly a PenTile. The Screen displays a fabulous resolution of 1280 by 768. Well, the display features more horizontal pixels with standard 720p panels that indicate the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha to be holding one of the best displays. The screen sports top-notch quality and does not boast any pixilation. However, the color gets well saturated and provides good viewing angles above par.

On the other hand, as we have heard that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha is a limited edition device that has been designed to cater the needs of developers. Moreover, BB is in plans to launch this device during the fall.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Memory :

Not much have been found about the Dev Alpha, but all we got to know is that the device houses 16 GB internal memory storage with 1 GB of RAM.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Price

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Connectivity and Slots :

The BlackBerry Dev sports microSD card slot and microSIM insertion option and mini-HDMI port at the left. For connectivity, the device is also incorporated with 3.5 mm headphone jack, mic and power key. The right side of the device is dedicated for 3 stage volume rocker out of which a mute button is provided at the middle of two up and down keys. The front side of the device is adorned by the front facing camera which is placed right next to the speaker and a large bezel has been provided for gesture support. As far as the rear of the phone is concerned, the same matte finish body can be found as the PlayBook with rubber-like material used. This material gives good grip to the hands, though the phone’s square body is pretty uncomfortable to handle, especially when it comes to long-term holding.

There is also NFC support provided to this phone that makes it more useful for the users. Besides this, RIM has also provided with quad band HSPA+ and microUSB.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Features BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Reviews BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Price of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Operating System :

RIM has already put a lot of stock to turn this device a grand success and the major attraction to the BlackBerry Dev, a dedicated developer device is its BB10 operating system feature. To be more precise, it is the BlackBerry 10 Developer Preview v10.0.4.197 operating system in which RIM has high hopes as its next assignments are all related to this operating system that will be integrated to its next handsets.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Camera :

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha includes a rear facing primary camera with flash and also a front facing secondary camera for video calling.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Camera

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Battery :

It could be a flaw to the device as there is no removable battery to this device. In general, you will get no sneak peak to the battery of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, which could make you uncomfortable if you are not used to it. You cannot charge the battery externally. Rest all the ports are externally provided to the device including SIM and HDMI ports.

Good news for developers!

So now here is the actual surprise that developers will get a chance to grab this BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset, which can be approved by the company. For this, the developers have to deliver their BlackBerry 10 app at the BlackBerry App World. Once the company selects a developer for fine working, he/she will then get a great opportunity to bag the Alpha Dev handset for final built. Those will be considered as the limited edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Specs

Conclusion :

The device is loaded with only camera and browser, but we hope that it runs even on OTA updates and development moves forward. There are not enough specs discussed about this smartphone, but RIM is on full move to bring this device soon into the market with its new operating system. Now our job is to wait and watch until RIM finds their dedicated developers to build this BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha smartphone. We will soon bring detailed specs and features of this device along with BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Specs and Price.

Note : The Annual BlackBerry World event has begun from May 1-3. It is the BlackBerry 10 developer alpha unit that has became official where RIM presented the official developer alpha smartphone for the QNX-based BlackBerry 10 platform.

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