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Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

iPhone 5 Review: Ahead of Any Smartphones Ever Created!

Finally iPhone 5 has released on Wednesday with a range of completely new features that are very tempting. The late Steve Jobs must have thought to twist its latest and best-selling smartphone which is why the result is so spectacular.

iPhone 5 is a blend of beauty, value and versatility. It is planned to release in U.S., Japan, Germany, Britain, France and four other countries on September 21. Following this, the phone will launch in 22 other countries worldwide. There are many enthusiasts who waited long for this new and upgraded iPhone and now just can’t wait to get their hands on it. This phone will be offered at a price same like its predecessor with a starting price set at $199 along with 2-year data and calling plan.

However, one is advised to first check the reviews about new iPhone before buying it as there are many who will jump to buy, but will fail to check whether the new features worth the price or not. There could be technological bugs which we can find on later stage. For many, the iPhone will be a loving gadget and there are reduced chances that the iPhone 5 will be dropped frequently like the previous models.

iPhone 5 New

Design and Display :

One interesting thing about Apple’s new product is its design that women can also flaunt. The screen has been increased as per the market demand for bigger displays. Anyways, Apple is having its rivalry with Samsung that offers bigger screen. In order to attract more consumers, Apple has to bring a revolution once again to turn its flagship smartphone a big hit.iPhone 5 Display

For many people, the iPhone is going to be a case of love at first touch. It’s incredibly light and seems to be easier to hold. That means it might not be dropped as frequently as previous iPhones, reducing the chances of the glass on the display screen getting damaged. The phone gets larger screen with Retina Display and HD technology that Apple had previously introduced in its earlier model. Users can enjoy much better views on screen with videos and photos adding to the adding to the realm.

Apple offered 4-inch diagonal screen on its phones, but now it is time to increase the size by half-inch as compared to the earlier generations. This Apple sees as an advantage. One more attractive point to consider is the extra space where now you can see five rows of apps on home screen instead of four rows. You can open the calendar and enjoy five days of events listed in horizontal mode where earlier the count was three.

The larger screen means more life and is among the coolest features that Apple has provided. There is a tool offered named “Panorama” that automatically displays a series of pictures in queue. You can turn the Panorama mode on directly but for that you need to go on camera mode and then select the option menu on iPhone 5. After Panorama is activated, an arrow guides to pan the camera for desired scenery. Once clicked, you can see the image within seconds and zoom it to have a better glance. Rest, the 8 megapixel camera is something amazing.

Apple iPhone 5 gets bigger screen, but its width is still the same as iPhone 4S. However, holding this device has become much easier. When it comes to design, iPhone 5 has got completely new earphones that have been offered after sophisticated use of technology and comfort. Looking at different ear size, Apple has built earphones that senses the requirement and offers complete protection, quality and good feel to the users. The design has been changed completely with all new techs such as reduced charging port size, thin size, improved camera integration, and aluminum and ceramic glass used for body. The phone measures 7.6 mm deep, 58.6 mm wide, 4.87 mm high, and weighs 112 grams, making the phone lighter, thinner and faster than any other iPhone have ever been.

There are no body color choices, but Apple manages to offer Black and White colored handsets.

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Performance :

Watching videos on larger screen offered by Apple is one of the pleasurable features that users have received. Though it cannot become a replacement to iPad and other tablet computers for better movies and TV shows watching, but is not bad at all. The phone gets its power from A6 processor and is available in three versions.Apple iPhone 5 Review

The phone also runs swiftly due to the integration of powerful processing chip. Besides, its upgraded wireless technology and web surfing are some of the amazing features that cannot be overlooked. So far we know that iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system that includes easy-to-use interface, rock-solid stability and superb features. The iOS 6 has been introduced with more fun for the users. In the beginning, iOS 6 is offered free for users who can download once it is released for their Apple iPhone or iPads. This new iOS also offers “Passbook” feature with the help of which users can buy airline tickets, digital coupons, gift cards, and much more. This is an already popular feature that may get its position in the new iPhone devices further.

Apple offered world’s best interface which cannot be surpassed by any other manufacturers until any miracle occurs. However, this revolutionary multi-Touch interface offered in iOS was designed for comfortable finger. It is a simple yet beautiful home screen that gives easiest ways to start with. There are over 700,000 more built-in apps and games that App Store now holds. Now you can enjoy FaceTime call, editing video with iMovie, and much other fun.

The software Siri which was launched with iPhone 4S tracks voice of users for sending messages, checking latest scores, schedule meetings, and much more. So if you are driving, you can simply ask Siri to do your job without even diverting your eyes or engage your hands to operate the phone. So, much convenience from a completely new technology!

Features and apps such as three-axis gyro, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerated graphics, FaceTime, Touch interface, camera, display, microphone, Wi-Fi, are some of the best examples that make iPhone 5 a big hit in the market. With this, Apple has once again proved that its largest and smartphone collection of apps in the world and the best and hi-tech smartphone series it has, cannot be even compared with other smartphones.

iCloud is one of the biggest features that Apple has provided that allows users to store mail, apps, photos, music, calendars, documents, contacts, and much more through a wireless network. The iOS updates are freely available which you can download wirelessly on your device right on the moment when they are released in the market. Your device will alert you when Apple launches and offers the latest version.

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Memory and Price :

iPhone 5 comes in three version as usual – 16GB ($199), 32GB ($299) and 64GB ($399).

Connectivity :

The phone supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, digital compass, GPS and GLONASS, cellular, and Apple EarPods with remote and mic storage and travel case.

iPhone 5 Headphone

Languages :

The phone supports various international languages, keyboard support, dictionary support that enables predictive text and autocorrect, and Siri languages.

Battery :

Just like the iPhone 4S, this new iPhone gives 8 hours of battery backup on talktime over 3G. Besides, 8 hours browsing over 3G, 8 hours browsing over LTE, and 10 hours of browsing over Wi-Fi are marked. Apple also claimed that this new phone gives 40 hours of audio playback, 10 hours of video playback and 225 hours of standby.

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In the Box :

The box comes packed with iPhone 5 device, Apple EarPods with remote and mic, USB power adapter, lightning to USB cable, and documentation. A new range of accessories have offered by Apple including lightning to 30-pin adapter and Apple world travel adapter kit.

Verdict :

There is no word to describe the beauty and usefulness of this device. However, there are several things that lack in this device and we wish that Apple should consider those important points for more adaptability. The major flaw is its nano-SIM that where the existing SIM will have to replace. In case you have already bought a nice case for your iPhone, you need to replace it due to bigger size of this new phone. Unlike its predecessor, the phone comes in three versions – 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. So, you get to choose.

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iPhone 5 Highlights :

  • The phone only works on Nano-SIM (not compatible to existing micro-SIM cards)
  • Different connector – Apple ditched its 9-year old 30-pin connector for 8-pin Lightning connector
  • Different size – the iPhone 5 is now taller and slimmer
  • Change of headphones for acoustic and very comfortable EarPods
  • iOS 6, the latest software from Apple with new features (Google Maps app is replaced with Apple’s own app that displays traffic information on the phone and offers turn-by-turn navigation
  • Bigger screen and better color saturation, Retina display
  • Faster processor and connectivity (A6 processor)
  • High speed data transfer
  • HD camera with FaceTime on cellular networks and 720p video recording

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