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Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2012

Apple iPhone 4 Review

A series of Apple’s iPhones are launching, every time with something new to offer. And this iPhone 4 smartphone is no longer flaunting itself as the flagship phone of Apple since its position is taken up by iPhone 4S. Now, iPhone 5 has also launched with a series of advanced features which cannot be overlooked. This new phone has removed all its predecessors in the family from hit list and is solely ruling in the smartphone market. Let us read Apple iPhone 4 review to know what this phone offered so far to Apple fanatics and falls short in front of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Yet, iPhone 4 is a powerful device that is still available for a price of $100 with 2-year service contract. The phone has received numerous system software updates and now it is running on iOS 5.1 operating system. This means, it has received almost all features of iPhone 4S except the impressive Siri voice-recognition system. The features are improved, new design is provided, front facing camera is made available, screen is improved, and better quality camera with flash has been provided for the new iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 4 Review

iPhone 4 Design and Display :

iPhone 4 was offered with improved design than the earlier model iPhone 3GS. The new model is 0.37-inch thin. The phone does not bear any plastic body at the exterior rather it holds standard silver bezel. The front and back of the phone has got glass that replaced the traditional look. iPhone 3GS, the upgraded version has good features and looks that made the phone run well in the market right since its launch.

The glass is 30 times harder as compared to plastic and is compared to the strength of sapphire crystal as said by Jonathon Ives. The metal trim is the most attractive part that makes this phone appealing. The trim serves Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS support for signal.

As far as display is concerned, the phone gets gorgeous looks with 960 x 640 pixel screen resolution which is up from 480 x 320 pixels provided on all previous iPhones and iPods. The screen is still the same, but the resolution has increased which is a good news for those who demand more clarity. The images and videos become more lively due to improved quality.

Coming across the buttons and controls, the iPhone 4 was carrying standard Home button along iwht ambient light sensor and proximity. More than this, the phone has got the biggest change with the integration of a VGA front-facing camera. The exterior of iPhone 4 gets standby button, new microSIM slot, micropone, speaker, another microphone for background noise reduction, silent toggle, headphone jack, and two separate volume buttons.

Apple iPhone 4 Camera  Apple iPhone 4 Price

iPhone 4 Performance :

The interior of Apple iPhone 4 gets some serious work. The A4 chip from Apple is also used in iPad and carries 1 GHz processing power. However, Apple has underclocked it for improved battery life. If you are buying iPhone 3G then the output will make you happy as Apple has made a lot of changes to improve the performance. The iPhone 4 now carries 512 MB RAM which is ahead of 256 MB found earlier in iPhone 3GS. This means faster performance while giving you multitasking experience.

The integration of Apple iOS 4 was new when iPhone 4 launched. Now this smartphone phone has got iOS 5.0 update. This new update made the phone much more functional. This new update has offered users with more features and greater support for multitasking. Apps can be paused which keeps running a t the background. Press the Home button twice and you will experience the current page shifting up and the bottom icons automatically will rise for four apps that are already on run. By tapping one app you can run it. The iOS 4.0 also enables you to store application icons in folders. So improved inbox and use of Bluetooth keyboards are the features you get. Below are the system requirements that iPhone 4 requires –

Apple iPhone 4 Features

  • Internet access6
  • Apple ID used for several features

For syncing with iTunes on a Mac or PC requires –

  • PC: Windows 7; Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later, or Windows Vista
  • Mac: OS X v10.6.8 or next version
  • iTunes 10.7 or later (you can download for free from www.itunes.com/download)

Apple iPhone 4 Features :

Apple offers wireless features on iPhone 4 smartphone that comes with typical quad-band HSUPA chip for voice and data, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11n. Data transfer speed can be found different in this phone as compared to its predecessor iPhone 3GS, but is not a great gap noticed. The phone is said to have signal issues after holding it in hand, especially left hand. This seems weird, but many users reported this problem and this is possible as Apple redesigned the antenna of this phone. The touch of palm affects when two trim pieces come in contact, resulting in signal drops. The moment phone is kept on table or other places without holding it, the signal returns to full strength. On the other hand, it has also found that if you use a case to protect the device this problem hardly occurs.

Apple iPhone 4 Specs

Considering the camera of Apple iPhone 4, we must not regret that Apple’s device get amazing camera quality. iPhone 4 get the same 5 megapixel resolution which may seem low, but some improvements have been made on by the manufacturer. The camera gets illuminated sensor and more sensitive light that make the device much more appealing for the youth and photography fanatics. The camera provides good quality pictures that make the phone one of the best during the time when it was launched. Now there are upgraded models from Apple, delivering much better camera with improved features.

The iPhone carries good camera that fulfills the demand for stand-alone point-and-shoot digital camera. Now you don’t have to worry on the low-rez that earlier phones have provided. Built-in flash supports the camera well and provide much better clarity even on dark conditions. In short, it can be said that the camera makes this phone stand above par level. The only disappointing point is the size of HD video and storage. The camera provides 4GB to 5GB recording option in an hour which can further increase if you don’t sync back to PC or Mac. Another flaw is that you cannot upload the recorded video in full 720p size on YouTube until you buy iMovie app from App Store by spending $4.99. Even if you upload without using this app then you have to compromise with the quality.

One of the best features that Apple has provided is ‘FaceTime’ that offer video calling opportunity. There is a front facing camera that comes in VGA quality which is also good for video calling. The FaceTime app is a cool feature to communicate with people and see them clearly. In order to enjoy FaceTime call, you need to first call the person with whom you want to chat and then switch on to chat. This process takes hardly a minute of your voice plan and once connected it runs on Wi-Fi. While chatting, you can even switch between front facing and rear facing cameras.

Apple iPhone 4 is the first version in Apple family that gets Gyroscope that sense and rotates in six directions. The phone comes with magnetometer and accelerometer for better gaming experience. The phone has to be controlled through motion where it senses and functions. Further new additions were offered after the launch of this smartphone. The phone also received bigger battery for more usefulness.

Apple iPhone 4  iPhone 4 Charger

Apple iPhone 4 Price :

The iPhone 4 is now only available in one configuration – 8 GB which comes for around $100.

Pros of iPhone 4 :

iPhone 4 is given very high-resolution display and comes with FaceTime video conferencing which is really impressive. The phone supports 720p video recording.

Cons of iPhone 4:

The phone does not come with expandable storage capacity still. Wireless connection creates problem.

iPhone 4 Review

Verdict :

iPhone 4 is a pleasing smartphone that received a lot of attention in the global market after its launch. Though now it is less in front of the advanced devices launched by Apple, but you know time changes mood and demands. There is more competition now and many other manufacturers have entered in the market with low, moderate to high range devices for different consumers. We hope this Apple iPhone 4 review gave you all those information that you were looking for. Please express you interest for this old device on our comment section below.

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