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Published On: Thu, Jun 27th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera NX preview

The big highlight of Samsung Galaxy Cameras is the connectivity features that it offers. It has good photo capabilities as well. This camera comes with Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE inside and the manufacturer says that it is a camera which always stays connected. However, we’d be equally happy if this device would stay connected when we want it to be instead of ‘always’.  Still, Samsung should be applauded for this feat as no other manufacturer has been able to do it. Except for making calls, this camera can stay connected in all respects.

Also, this camera is good for advanced photographers. It has same sensor inside as NX300 and has hybrid phase detection/contrast auto focus system. The electronic viewfinder inside is the same as NX20 and it offers decent support for inexpensive and/or fast lens. Hence, this camera is good for different users.

There is quad core 1.6GHz processor inside and the manufacturer has supplemented it with DRIMe IV imaging processor as NX300. There is built in memory of 16GB for storing all your photos. It seems that Samsung has learned their lesson from previous model which didn’t have any place for parking the right thumb and had poor battery life. The new model now comes with better battery life and there is also good grip with thumb rest.

The entire concept of Android cameras still is hard to digest but some might like it especially with Samsung’s readiness to open source their camera API.

Samsung Galaxy Camera NX
Technically speaking, this camera is quite big. It comes with 4.8 inches LCD display, built in EVF and APS-C sensor inside. it gets very annoying if such cameras use microSD cards as the compartment is located in a place that is hard to access. A lot of best lenses from Samsung are heavy and big and this is disappointing as ILCs are usually smaller than the dSLRs. However, you get to use hotspot feature. That said, it will be interesting to see how this camera performs with hotspot simultaneously on.

No physical controls

Lack of physical controls too is a big miss. A lot of buyers yearn for the APS-C quality videos and pics but there are people like us who look for use high quality camera for event photography and live blogging. Some people will miss physical controls especially the absence of i-Function design. We must say that this is first instance where architecture of –Function makes plenty of sense and it seems that this is strategic move from Samsung’s end. Previous model comes with physical controls but they seem superfluous.

Samsung Galaxy Camera NX display


With Android apps, there is the huge world of apps. Most of camera apps use pinch based zoom but what if there is mechanical zoom lens. We got the pre-production model of this camera and they weren’t cell connected.


Price of this camera isn’t known yet and we also don’t know how this camera will compete with other competitors in its price range. looking at the feature set, we feel that this camera will be less expensive than NX20. If Samsung keeps the camera affordable, then more people will be able to buy it. Also, the connective features of this camera might convince people to buy this camera even if it is tad too expensive.

However, if you are conscious about the price and size, then we would recommend you to take a look at Galaxy S4 Zoom. It may not have best photo quality due to slow zoom lens and small sensor. It also relies on main processor to process the images. Still, it is lighter and smaller. It can also make phone calls.
Samsung Galaxy Camera NX Apps
Galaxy NX camera will be available through the camera retailers instead of cell phone carriers. This is first a camera and then a connected device. In US, there aren’t any carrier tie-ups yet and we haven’t heard carrier talking about it either. But we expect few to jump on the bandwagon soon. We will soon cover a full review of it as soon as the manufacturer sends the final model in our offices. Stay tuned on this blog for more.

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