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Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2012

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera Review

The Samsung EX2F is a compact camera that comes equipped with a 12.4 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and is considered to be getting the fastest lens on the market as compared to any other compact cameras. This new camera is the successor to Samsung EX1 which is the high end compact camera. EX2F gets magnesium body and features F1.4 (widest zoom) setting; equivalent to 24mm. The ISO sensitivity of Samsung EX2F camera can extend up to 12,800. Users will enjoy capturing still images in different modes and can even enjoy full HD video shooting at 1080/30p. When it comes to the letter ‘F’, it indicates that the camera sports Wi-Fi connectivity as well, which makes it much more exciting.

The EX2F comes loaded with a series of good features including ‘Smart’ options that is provided by the top-notch NX cousins along with Remote ViewFinder, Mobile Link, and Auto/Email Backup. Read the full Samsung EX2F compact camera review to know about its features, specification and price.

Samsung EX2F Design and Display :

The camera offers complete control and comes adorned in high-intensity magnesium body with sleek and durable finish. The EX2F gets both quality imaging and convenience with speed for its users. Users who are more accustomed to easy level of creative control on DSLR cameras will enjoy using this device as it provides a series of shooting options including RAW mode which is useful for professional standard pictures. The camera provides Full Manual Control, Shutter Priority and Aperture modes which are accessible by clicking on the button. The camera also gets Dual Dial as well as front wheel keys that enable the users to adjust the exposure easily and quickly.

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera Review

All the features that are provided to the camera are focused widely by the company in order to maintain the lightweight of the device. Most of the efforts are put on lightweight feature of this camera in order to segment it into compact category. Due to its lightweight feature, users will be able to carry the camera wherever they go without giving a second thought for carrying an extra weight of a DSLR.

The Samsung EX2F Compact camera comes loaded with a 3.0 inch Swivel AMOLED display, giving perfect lining and viewing at any type of light conditions. In fact, this effective display consumes very less battery power and responds quickly even if the display is put in higher contrast level. The display gets good features due to which one witnesses different angles of picture-taking experiences and self-portraits. The screen comes loaded with Samsung’s Smart Panel user interface that delivers easy control. The display features bright and good color that doubles up the experience.

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera Performance :

The Samsung EX2F features 1/1.7-inch 12.4 megapixel of BSI CMOS sensor and also sports a fastest lens that can be found in any other compact camera on the market. It features a widest zoom setting of F1.4 where 24mm is considered as equivalent. When it comes to ISO sensitivity, the camera makes up to expandable ISP 12,800 and provides different still image modes as well. Other than this, the manufacturer has also integrated good quality full HD video shooting option with 1080/30p quality.

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera Price

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is a global leader when it comes to digital media and digital convergence technologies. The company has announced for the launch of its new model EX2F that challenges those high end devices which come along with Wi-Fi enabled SMART functionality. The earlier version EX1 was also a successful model and Samsung believes that this new version has plenty to offer people. This new model has been tweaked massively with all good improvements where super-bright photography is delivered due to the integrated F1. Lens. The images come brightest than any other compact camera. So, now on you do not have to worry about the lighting conditions.

In fact, the excitement increases when you get chance to click images or videos and share at social networking sites. Users get to enjoy high quality images and videos and can store or share them with the help of Wi-Fi feature. The camera also provides Full Manual Control and that too in a lightweight body. So, enthusiasts or DSLR-lovers can easily carry this portable camera and enjoy point-and-shoot, easy-to-use, portable nature of this device.

The Samsung EX2F compact camera delivers brilliant picture quality in any conditions and comes packed with professional front wheel key as well as dual duals. These features enable the user to switch between modes and parameters while accessing quickly for great manual control. Neither the images look dull and dark nor come blurry. All in all, users can expect fabulous images through 12 megapixel sensor, giving full clear access to both video and photo.

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera Specs

When it comes to lenses, the camera provides around four times brighter picture as compared to those with F2.8 camera lens. Other than this, the lens unit of this camera includes eleven elements in total nine groups where aspherical lenses are four and high refractive lenses are two. Altogether, the camera provides 20 percent of increased light visibility on the sensor, 20 percent of increased image quality, and 10 percent of increased zoom ratio.

Samsung has also incorporated Neutral Density filter that provides complete control over the exposure no matter what the lighting condition. This feature turns the pictures more neutral when the images actually get over exposure. The specs also enable the users to experience shallow depth of field that provides stunning portraits at the background. Dual IS (OIS/DIS) is incorporated to reduce the effect of shakiness. This feature is very useful especially in low light situations.

EX2F Compact Camera Shoot and Share :

Now the advanced technology allows people to click photos or shoot videos from their cameras and directly sharing them with friends and families. You can now shoot as much video’s you want and can easily share them with anyone you want from anywhere in the world. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to store your images and videos safety with the help of Auto Backup which are stored in Cloud or PC. The latest feature offered by Samsung “SMART CAMERA’ works just excellently by delivering high quality imaging by merging with connectivity.

Mobile Link is another feature that gives connectivity options with smartphones where you can send images or videos without even resizing them. You can even access your smartphone’s screen with the help of Remote Viewfinder. The camera holds a SMART LINK button which if you click then will get access to all these functions.

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera

Samsung EX2F Quick Features :

  • Wi-Fi enables shooting and sharing options from any location
  • ISO 80-3200 and can be extended to 12,800
  • 12.4 megapixels of BSI CMOS sensor
  • Dual IS
  • 24-80mm equivalent zoom lens
  • Full HD 1080/30p video recording
  • F1.4 maximum aperture 24mm
  • 3-inch AMOLED display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

Samsung EX2F Camera Price :

The Samsung EX2F compact camera price is set at $549 and is expected to be available on stores in August 2012.

Samsung EX2F Compact Camera Features

Verdict :

The Samsung EX2F compact camera is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere you want. You can enjoy clicking high quality images and videos and can directly share on social networking sites or email to friends or family. A series of new technologies have been used by Samsung to deliver good quality output from this device. The lens and sensor are very impressive. In fact, this is a good camera for those who are beginners in photography and want to enjoy the new technology with easy to access manual set in the camera.

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