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Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2013

Fujifilm X-10 boosts the finest Fujifilm lens and sensor

The Fujifilm X-10 comes with the finest Fujifilm DNA, which is fitted into a fine Rangefinder-like full-metal body. It offers a 12 megapixels and 2/3-inch EXR-CMOS sensor, which maximises dynamic range and colour depth. The gadget also features a 28-112 mm Fujinon lens, which offers a maximum aperture of almost f/2.0-2.8. The Fujifilm X-10 specs are quite impressive, which are backed with its excellent performance, on the other hand the device comes with a huge price tag of Rs. 44,990. To know more about feature of Fujifilm X-10 read on!

When it comes to the camera arena, Fujifilm has a hit-or-miss success story to share. The point and shoot cameras introduced by Fujifilm didn’t do well in the Indian market, however their X-series of cameras is definitely an attention grabber.

The Fujifilm X-10 has been an instant hit among the “old-school” photographers, as soon as it was introduced. One of the major reasons for the same is its close resemblance to the popularly used rangefinders, which belonged to the long lost time. The camera includes a 2/3 inches X-Trans sensor, which is accompanied by a fast aperture f/2.0-2.8 lens. These options play one of the key roles in the popularity of these gadgets.

Fujifilm X-10 Price

However, the one of the important questions, which is many times left unanswered is does the packaging and performance of the gadget justify the hefty price tag? Let us know talk more about this gadget.

Build of Fujifilm X10

The camera boosts a solid magnesium alloy built, which sports a pseudo leather coating. The camera looks and feels very plush. All the photography enthuses who have used those really old film cameras such as the Canon AE1, than will definitely fall for the Fujifilm X-10. The camera is quite heavy, as it is all metal. You don’t have to worry about using this gadget, as you don’t require treating it like a delicate item. There are chances that you may assume that the lens on the camera is removable, unfortunately it is not. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the lens boosts an interesting design. It showcases a zoom ring built into it and has an on-off switch. You have to simply turn the camera on and then the lens. The build and feel of the lens and camera are extremely solid. So next time you are planning to carry your camera on a trek, don’t give it a second thought. Start clicking.

Fujifilm X-10 Features

Ergonomics of Fujifilm X10

The design of Fujifilm X10 is not very hand friendly; however is definitely a dream design of the photography enthusiast. It device is littered with various dedicated dials as well as a screw-in port, which is located atop the shutter button. It is meant for a manual shutter. If you are fan of long-exposure star trail shots, then Fujifilm X-10 camera will be your choice of gadget. All dials and buttons are easily accessible and marked clearly. All the options are well laid out on the back of the gadget.

Features of Fujifilm X10

The X-10 camera may resemble to the past time, however the insides of the camera is quite modern. Some of the key features of the camera are – it’s 2/3 inches sensor, which offers a resolution of 12 megapixels. Definitely, the size of the sensor does not match the APS-C specs that are offered by the Sony NEX series, however 2/3 inches is twice what you will find in a regular point and shoot camera. The larger sensor of the camera is complemented by a 28-112mm f/2.0-2.8 Fujinon lens, which is zoomed simply by twisting the lens.

Fujifilm X-10 Image

In addition to this, the Fujifilm X-10 offers various film simulation modes, which give the photos the look and feel of the classical film. If you want to test the shooting capacity of the camera, don’t forget to shoot a photograph in Velvia mode. Believe us it is an absolute joy. The X-10 camera is capable of shooting off 7 frames per second at full resolution. One of the most loved features of the camera is its viewfinder, which sports rangefinder design, unfortunately it offers 85 per cent frame coverage only.

Image Quality of Fujifilm X-10

The camera is armed with a larger sensor and faster aperture lens, which makes it a formidable shooter. The camera clicks well even in low light and can be a competition for some of the DSLR’s as well. The f/2.0 aperture does a good job even when used in low light situations. You will be definitely surprised with the sharpness of the lens.

Fujifilm X-10


The camera boosts a generously sized sensor. It is packed with f/2.0-2.8 fast lens, which provides great help while shooting in low light. Moreover, its viewfinder offers a nice touch for shooting. The gadget supports for RAW format as well.

Fujifilm X-10 Camera


Focusing of this camera is a little shaky, when clicked at variable focal lengths. Moreover, the black levels in video are quite high than the normal ones, which lead to loss of details. Also, the gadget has a bulky unpocketable Rangefinder design, which may not suit every user.


In Indian market the price of Fujifilm X-10 is Rs. 44990/-

Fujifilm X-10 Specs


For the photography enthusiasts the Fujifilm X-10 offers a delicate mix of what was and what is from the world of cameras. The solid metal body looks similar to a rangefinder and shells the latest imaging technology. The bigger sensor delivers excellent image quality and is accompanied by the f/2.0 lens. The gadget offers some exciting features, which will give a tough competition to the advanced point-and-shoot cameras. The focus of the device is a little shaky, but is a better performer. The only issue you may have with this camera is, its price tag of Rs 44,990, which is way much higher than its competitors.

Fujifilm X-10 Review

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