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Published On: Tue, Apr 24th, 2012

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review

Most of us would have experienced that there are few digital camera upgrades that outperform their predecessors. While there are camera upgrades that move forward by few inches as well. The Canon Rebel EOS T3i can be easily placed in the latter camp. The camera is an upgrade of T2i with an addition of flip-out LCD, on the other hand there are hardly any changes in the device. The camera is priced at a decent midrange at $899.99. It is shipped with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, which doesn’t wow most of us. The camera is slightly slower than its predecessor T2i and produces softer images. In addition to this it is charged for $100. Read the full Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review to get an insight about how good this camera is.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i  Review


One of the most notable new features of the Canon EOS Rebel T3i is the articulating 3 inches LCD display. The camera boosts 1,040k-dot display that can be easily flipped to the side and pivoted up and down at 270 degrees. This gives a lot of flexibility to the photographer while shooting crowds and various other subjects, which requires very high and/or low camera angles. Moreover the EOS Rebel T3i feels and feel very much similar to the T2i, starting from the SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot that is placed on the right side. On the other hand the only other physical change that is made to the camera is the A/V connections. The camera has a microphone, HDMI connectors and A/V out, which are placed on the left side of the gadget, however this time the manufacturers have decided to keep the microphone port hidden. The remote port is located below a separate rubber door from the HDMI connectors and A/V slot. The camera has dimensions of 3.9 by 5.2 by 3.1 (HWD) inches and its weight is around 1.14 pounds excluding the lens. In addition to this the controls of the camera are standard and it is provided with a mode dial. The device has a settings dial that is placed well under the index finger. Moreover, there is a small cluster of buttons that belongs to the navigating menus.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Features


Other than Canon EOS Rebel T3i there are three other cameras from the manufacturer that features the 18 mega pixels APS-C sensor system. The camera doesn’t offer much that would surprise you. However, it has shown incremental improvements in the ability of the camera to handle noise in both still images as well as video. There have been some slight improvements in the dynamic range as well. Talking about the long exposures, the manufacturer has improved the color accuracy and has reduced noise.


The Canon EOS Rebel T3i specs are pretty good and the camera is capable of 1080/30p video recording. The camera produces solid sharpness results as well as attractively rendered motion. The camera has slightly less chromatic aberration than compared to the various cameras available in the market. The autofocus of the camera is painfully slow for both live view and video recording. The Poor live view autofocus has now became a trend with the Canon DSLRs, while both Sony and Nikon are now introducing valuable full-time AF in live view cameras in the market.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Price


Without any doubt the EOS system of Canon in the most beginner-friendly lens system that is currently available in the market. There are dozens of lenses that have features such as autofocus on Rebel-series cameras and are available at the similar price range. The Canon lineup boots various types of lenses, although the 18-135mm isn’t one of them. The 28-105mm lens by the manufacturer doesn’t belong to the same range. It is one of the sharper options that allows more light that too for less money.


The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is capable of delivering excellent video capabilities as well as video and image quality.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Specs


If you are capturing both still and videos, then the controls of the camera can be sometimes frustrating to operate. In addition to this the camera is not terribly fast to be used for burst shooting sports, pets or kids.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

The Verdict

If you are considering the money factor, then Canon Rebel EOS T3i is one of the best choices for the DSLR videographers. The camera is cheaper than T2i and can suffice if you don’t require the articulated LCD. Moreover, it is a great option for creative still shooters. On the other hand the image quality as well as general shooting performances of the camera is top-notch, moreover if you’re upgrading yourself to the DSLR category for capturing sports, pets or kids, then the T3i may not be the best option for you.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

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